Disclaimer PR/Media Kit

This Blog was created by Miss Nic (Kelly Harris), therefore any posts that are posted by me are my personal opinion and views on the topics discussed. I am not a representative for any of the products that are discussed on this blog. I discuss only the products that I use on my own hair or have tried in the past. All pictures with the exception of my personal pictures were found in public domain and are for illustration purposes only. If this blog is in violation of any copyright laws or material please don’t hesitate to inform me of the matter.
Reviews/Giveaways: All products reviewed were purchased by me or sent to me from a PR company for free. Unless mentioned, I was not compensated for any product review. All reviews are based on my personal experience with the product and are honest opinions that have not be influenced by the company or other influences.

Compensation: Miss Nic’s Elegant Edge is a beauty blog that is published and edited by Miss Nic (Kelly Harris). For any inquires about the blog and it’s content please contact me at elegant.edge10@gmail.com.  This blog accepts the following forms of compensation: Cash, Advertising, Sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of payment. All cash transactions will be taken via Paypal.

Copyright & Ownership: All content on this blog (unless noted otherwise) is the exclusive property of Miss Nic’s Elegant Edge. The content includes text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio and video clips, digital downloads, and software. All content is protected by the United States and International copyright laws and I (Kelly Harris/Miss Nic) reserve all rights contained therein. In case of dispute or infringement, I will rigorously defend my right to all the material being disputed. The material contained herein cannot be altered, reprinted, distributed or disseminated without the express written consent of Kelly Harris.

Corrections & Revisions: Every effort is made to present both accurate and complete information pertaining to Miss Nic’s Elegant Edge. If a correction or revision is to be made, it will be noted within the following blog post. I reserve the right to make corrections to any aspects of the website, notably grammar and spelling. I reserve the right to correct any of these minor errors at any time.


If there is a product sent on your behalf for review, you agree to allow me to keep it. Once the product is received I will inform you about the approximate posting date for the review.Depending on the product type and required usage of the product, please allow for sufficient time for product testing and review. All reviews published on this site are my honest opinion. I reserve the right to refuse to review any product that I deem to be offensive to my morals, beliefs, and values. As a responsibility to my readers, I uphold a high level of honesty and integrity. I keep that in mind when reviewing a product. All contact information, social networking sites, personal website will be included in the review.

I will host giveaways for your company if it relates to the topics discussed on the blog. If you offer a giveaway with a product review, the prize can be mailed to me directly or sent to the winner by you directly at the end of the giveaway. This must be discussed before the giveaway is presented to my readers.  Giveaways can run for 1-2 weeks or a month depending on the type of product(s) offered during the giveaway time frame.

Event Coverage: 
I will attend an event  that is beauty related, hair related, or fashion related. These events coincide with the topics discussed on my blog. The post for the event will occur no later than one week after the event takes place, and will include pictures along with my review of the event. I request that a press pass be provided for the event I’m asked to cover.  Events outside of the Atlanta Area will be considered depending on date, time, and length of the event. I request that room and board are covered.

Press release:
If you have a media press release that you would like for me to share with my readers I will do so, if it relates to beauty, hair, or fashion. Please make sure pictures are included along with any pertinent information you want to be included in the post.

You may advertise on the blog for a time period ranging from 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months located in the side bar with an image that you provide. If you are interested contact me via email. Text Ads will be reviewed for approval. I will not sell advertisement space to companies that conflict with my personal values such as: Cigarette ads, drinking ads, drug use/abuse, domestic violence, abortion,  etc.  If any further explanation of these need to be verified or discussed please contact me.  PLEASE NOTE: All ads must relate to the blog and its topics of discussion.


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