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How to prep your Quickweave for bed

Hello blog lovers! I wanted to share this video with you. I will be starting a few new series run on my blog and the first one will be quickweaves. I posted this video a while back on my YT channel and this is just a simple way to prep your hair at night if you are wearing a quickweave. Of course you can always flat wrap your hair for a smooth finish but I have discovered that sometimes that doesn’t work well. Here are some quick tips for Quickweave maintenance:

1. Wrap your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet.
2. When detangling your hair start from the ends and work you way up to the top. This will decrease shedding.
3. Use only serums on your hair when styling (preferably silk serums). This will keep even the cheapest hair weave extension looking nice until you take it down.

Alternate ways to prep your hair weave at night

1. Take some hair clips (double or single pronged) and create large pin curls. This will minimize your curl time (if you don’t know how to use a hot curler or curlers) in the morning and will preserve your curls from your initial style session with your personal stylist.
2. Flat wrap your hair using hair clips to ensure that it lays flat at night while you sleep to ensure a nice finish in the morning.
3.Use Flexi rods to curl your hair at night to keep you from having to curl it in the morning to insure a long lasting curl.
4. Detangle your hair separate your bangs and create a large pin curl (if you have a center part create two pin curls) separate you hair in the back into two large sections and create two double strand twists and clip them to the top of your head. Finish by wrapping your hair (demonstrated in the video)

Special Note: For curly styles (with length) at night:

1. Apply a little foaming mousse (I love Motions Styling Foam) to your hair (just one pump) and split your hair down the middle and do two double strand twists on the side. (See Video)

Check out the Video for how I prep my center part invisible part quickweave. The video was recorded using my webcam so the quality is not as good. Anyways, you can figure out whats going  on. It’s a double feature. I show you how to curl your hair using a hot curler as well.

Disclaimer: Please do not use my pics with out asking fist.

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>Invisible Part Quickweave Tutorial Using Salon Pro 30 Sec Weave Wonder Wrap


Products Used:
Salon Pro 30 Sec Weave Wonder Wrap (glue free solution)
Salon Pro 30 sec Weave Molding Gel for my edges
Salon Pro 30 Sec Glue Adhesive.
Enchantress 4 more Hair in Ripple Deep 8,10, 12, 14 inches.
Milky Way Spiral Roll from their 3 piece series.

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>HTOW: Hair Bun Maker


This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Hair Bun Maker. It’s not technically a tool but it’s a asset for creating a bun using your tools. Giggles. I know you guys may remember back in the day when we created the “sock bun” where we put our hair in a pony tail and used an old gym sock and created the perfect bun. Strange to some but it worked, and yes I did it. My cousin actually introduced that to me and when I heard it I was like…. what??? but it worked. This past weekend one of my favorite loyal clients wanted her hair done in a “sock bun” but we weren’t going to use the sock. I had no idea (this is the truth and maybe I’m late) that they made the rings for the “sock bun” to eliminate the sock. (LOL SMH) I was going to stuff it like I do all of my buns with some synthetic hair. Which would have worked just as fine but this little handy “tool” worked even better and cut down the time! It’s cute and using it just gave me some more ideas of what I could do with it later (another blog for future post). It comes in black and nude color to match the color of the hair. All you have to do is place the hair into a pony tail and slip the ring around the pony tail and take the hair and smooth it over the ring. Secure the bun into place with hair pins. It’s quick and easy and forms a very cute bun! Great for protecting the ends of the hair!
This is the bun that I did for my client. This is acutally a Quick weave believe it or not using the same method with the Glue Free Quick Weave Product.
Up can see the closure
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>The Glue Free Quick Weave is Finally Here!!!!!


Hello Blog lovers!!! I will doing a invisible part quick weave tutorial for you guys this weekend. I hope that I will be able to record it today and edit it tomorrow so I can make a posting for it tomorrow. I will be revealing all of my secrets. I know I said that I would be doing a quick weave tutorial once I got my video camera and I know some of you have been waiting for that to take place..but I wanted to purchase the Glue Free product for my hair first before I did another one, because the stocking cap was causing an “itching” irritation. It felt like I had a pair of cheap pantie hose on my head (I know you guys remember back in the day when we used to take a pair of out mama’s old pantie hose and cut the legs off and tie it in a knot and wear it on our head at night<< I do…so terrible LOL). Anyways I purchased the Gro Protect Solutions which is supposed to do away with stocking caps, plastic caps, paper strips, and anything else we were originally using before this product came along (those methods leave the hair and scalp a free breeding ground for bacteria, depending on how long you keep it on) and if you have seen any youtube videos you have heard or may have heard of the product called the Glue Free Quick Weave, but the actually name is Gro Protect Solutions
This product is used to protect the hair from glue during the quick weave process.  It is applied to the hair after it has been shampooed and conditioned and molded down to the head with either gel or mousse which ever you prefer (the mold has to be completely dry). After the hair has been molded down you apply it to the area that you will attaching the hair wefts too. Then once you do that you allow the product to dry and it forms this barrier between you hair and the hair weft, initially protecting your hair from the glue. The product contains Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and Chamomile, which is supposed to promote healthy hair growth underneath the quick weave while it’s on your hair. I all for hair growth! The quick weave is my “protective style” It keeps me from heat styling my hair to death!
The product is water soluble, you’re supposed to just rinse the hair with warm water for two to three minutes and the hair and glue is supposed to slide directly on the hair and leave the hair as it was before you applied the product. Once you remove the hair you’re supposed to proceed with shampooing and conditioning.
The good thing about my purchase I paid only $17.00 on and with shipping it came out to be $24.00. On the actual website one bottle alone goes for $24.00 plus shipping and handling. At the Bronner Bro’s Hair show they were selling them for $30.00 a bottle other websites are selling them for about that much as well.
 I’m excited about using the product and I can’t wait to get home so I can get to work!!! I will not be able to do the Duby Invisible Part quick weave but I will be doing a straight style and styling it from there.  I will be posting a video to my Youtube Channel and pics for you guys to see as well.

>Miss Nic Answers Questions


Okay… Sorry Ladies..I’m just getting your email and I really appreciate the questions.  I had to create a different email address because the one I had was full of google info, I almost missed the email. These Questions are about the Invisible Front quick weave (Quickweaves 101: The Duby and the Invisible Part) and they are very good questions. I am currently working on starting a line of videos for tutorials on youtube. I’m going to make it my business to purchase a camera this weekend!

Question #1

I love your pictures and you said “email with questions” so here I am!
I really love all the pictures, but I really like the first picture
(looks so natural) and the wrap style. #1 and # 7. Is there a way to
achieve either of these looks with a little of my hair left out in the
front? The only way I’ve been able to see the invisible part is by way
of wearing a wig cap and then cutting it to expose your real part. How
can i get the stocking not to rip completely if this option is chosen?
If hair is left out the wig cap comes back further on your head and
glue does get on your real hair, is there a way to prevent any glue
from getting on your hair at all? Lastly can you puncture a small hole
at the crown of the head for your real hair to come through the cap
for the closure?

Please advise,


Okay, Thanks again Erica for the question. It was really good. I honestly have never thought about doing it that way. The initial purpose of the invisible part quick weave is to not leave any of your hair out just exposing your natural part. However, I would like to think that if you wanted to leave some of your hair out you could do that by parting off that hair you want to leave out and clipping it to the front of your head, laying (molding) everything else down to your head, or braiding everything else down to your head. Place the stocking cap over your head and proceed with the steps to lay the tracks in place. When you get close enough to comb you hair over those tracks, you should be able to cut the stocking cap away and it will expose the hair that  you have left out. Blend and there you go. I’ve never tried it that way but that is an idea that you can try.  I’ve never had the stocking cap to rip completely, I lay my tracks all the way around my head until I reach the part, It’s usually about an inch left on both sides of the part. I only cut the stocking cap from the front of the head all the way to the closing piece. The tracks should keep the stocking cap from ripping completely.
There is a product on the market called the “Glue Free Quick Weave” and it omits the stocking cap and the hair glue. You can google it to get more information. I have yet to purchase it and it’s in my plans to do so. Since I do not have that product I use two stocking caps for my quick weaves. I mold my hair down or braid it down which ever I fell like doing (Note my hair is clean and conditioned and has moisturizer on it to keep it from drying out), then I place the first initial stocking cap on my hair and I spritz it down with hair spritz I then take my dryer and dry it. I then take another stocking cap and I do the same thing. I have found that this is great for easy removal  and keeps the glue off of my hair. The only glue that gets on my hair is from the pieces that I have glued on to my hair to make the part. I put spritz on my hair that is exposed once I cut the stocking cap. When I get ready to remove it I use bond remover oil or conditioner and it slides right on off the hair. I haven’t loss any of my hair. The rest of the hair that is attached to the stocking cap comes up as well (You just can’t rip it off but it gives easily). If you are trying to leave your hair out for the closure for a full quick weave and not the invisible part, place all of the tracks on your head until you get to the crown and cut away the stocking cap and the hair that you left out for the closure you can use that to cover any tracks that are exposed. I hope that helps. I’m going to work on getting a video for you.
Question #2
 On your invisible bang when you get to closing the top part up will that hair cover the part up where you cut the cap at?

Arleatha Lawrence
Okay. Thanks again Arleatha for the question. When I reach the top part of my head to expose the part after the stocking cap has been cut away, I measure the hair and cut it into 1″ pieces. It’s usually about 1″ left on either side of the hair. I then angle the hair and place it into position. I place each piece after the other close enough to not show the track until I reach the crown and I then close it off. The cap is never exposed.
Check out this video..I used it as a reference for my quickweaves. She did an excellent job! Thanks again for the questions and I hope you come back for future posts!!

Thanks again for reading and the questions. If you have any further questions email me at:

>Quick Weaves 101: The Duby and the Invisible part


I said that I would write a blog about this because it’s something new that I tried myself and I will try it again. I got this idea from the infamous Youtube. I love Youtube and all of the informative tutorials that are posted when it comes to new hair styles and ideas.  The hope is eventually I will get the chance to start my own personal channel so I can start doing tutorials. I wanted to talk about the Duby wrap and the Invisble Part Quick Weave. As some of you already may know a quick weave is basically wefted hair that is either glued on a wig cap which is placed on top of your hair on onto your hair. There are many different ways that this can be done and the industry has made it so that you can even use something other than the bonding glue which is supposed to be safer and easier to remove (Glue Free Quick Weave blog for another day).
There is a new type of hair product out which is called the “Duby” which is what most of us refer to as the “roller wrap.” This product is a weave that is pre-curled and wrapped around a foam cone to preservre the curl of the hair. The hair is already curled so there is no need to curl it once you put it in. Once you start to place the tracks in place the hair will fall into pre cut layers so there’s no need to cut the hair which is just great. You can also change the direction that the hair is placed to create a flipped look as well. I love it! ♥
 There are several hair lines out right now that have their own version of the duby.
Sensationnel’s Premium Now has “The Bump Collection”
-100% human hair
-Double Tracked
-Short to medium lengths
-Wide range of colors
-They have a feathered wrap style which is single tracked
– It comes with a free closure piece that resembles a natural scalp
-It’s wrapped around a foam cone that  preserves the curve of the hair
♥♥♥ Outre  Premium Duby♥♥♥ (used it for an asymetrical bob syle)
-They have the “Duby Kiss”- short hair styles
-Closures are available for each style
-100% human hair
-They also have a Demo DVD video available
-They also have the Velvet Remi Hair for this product available
♥♥♥ Milky way Ole’ ♥♥♥ (used it for my invisible part quick weave)
-Made of 100% Human hair
-Available in lengths from 7″ to 14″
-Available in different colors
***All three of these lines are basically offer the same thing with the exception of different styles and colors.***
The new thing that is out right now is the invisible part quick weave and it’s basically where your natural hair part is showing and none of your hair is out. There are a lot of youtube tutorials available for directions and ideas, and you can use any type of style of hair. Here are the steps that I took when I did my invisible part quick weave.  I used the Milky Way Ole’
1. I washed my hair,conditoned, and dried it
2. I parted my hair the way I wanted it.
3. I Gelled my hair down and placed it into a pony tail, dried it and took the ends of the pony tail and gelled it an upward direction, I let the ends dry.
4. I placed a stocking cap (wig cap) on my hair and started to glue the tracks on the wig cap
5.I continued to glue the hair in “U” shped directions  up to the part leaving about a 1 1/2″ of space between the part (natural part) and the hair that I glueing.
6. I continued to glue until I got to the top of my head (the crown). I left a opening of about a dime size opening for the closure.
7. I cut the cap where the part was visible, so my part was visible
8. I measured hair for the part which was no bigger than about 1/2″ wide.
9. Then I started to glue those pieces on top of the other pieces until I got to the dime sized opening that I left for the closure.
10. I then created my closure which was just a small piece of hair no wider than a 1 1/2″ to 2″ long and I placed glue on the track and rolled it tight together and dried it. I flattened it in the palm of my hand spreading the hair our into a circular fan motion and I used my flat iron and pressed it until is was flat. I placed a little glue on the back and set it to place. That’s it!
It was very cute and I got a lot of compliments and it looked like my natural hair. When I got ready to remove it, I used hair spray at first and then I had to use mositurizing shampoo for the rest because most of it did not readily give in certain places. My hair didn’t break off or come out like I was afraid that it would. One thing that was suggested to me by a friend was that the next time use spritz (Pump it Up) and spritz the first stocking cap dry it and place another cap on top of that and proceed to do the quick weave this is supposed to be easier when it comes to removal. I usually do my quick weaves on a mannequin and remove them. so my hair is free from glue. Check out my Favorite Youtube Tutorials and the links below! Leave a Comment and tell a Friend! ~♥ Miss Nic♥~
This is a great website for those who want to purchase hair that you may not be able to find at your local beauty supply store!