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I’m Back!!: Where have you been??

Hey! I know I have been MIA for the past seven months and it’s been for a good reason. I thought at one point I was going to hang up the blog and my youtube channel completely due to some things that have taken place thus far. I’m completely behind on my blog postings and I’m ready to start posting here again. There are going to be a few changes in the future for the blog and hopefully it will be a smooth transition and also beneficial to my followers and readers. I have been busy with another blog. I must admit the truth..but it’s something that is near and dear to me. Feel free to subscribe to that blog for updates!

February this year I fell sick and spent five days in the hospital. I had been having really bad headaches and they were too far gone to control (I had been having the headaches for about four months before I started to get treated). After being told my headaches were allergy related and later sinus related I received antibiotics and steroid medication. Over a period of time the treatment that the doctors had given me for a sinus infection didn’t work and actually contributed to my sickness. While on the medication I started to lose my vision, looking at a computer became difficult and most all annoying. After the doctors ran, what seemed like 100+ tests I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri¬†. The fortunate part of this all, after being under months of doctors care (I’m still being treated), I’m doing much better and ready to start blogging and getting back to the tasks at hand.

This diagnosis came about due to rapid weight gain that I had experienced during the past three years. I didn’t think I was that over weight (and others assured me that I wasn’t, while others did), but I was about 15-20 lbs shy of 200 lbs. Yep! that’s right the girl that used to weigh 120 lbs for the most of her early twenties was almost 200 lbs. So yeah..I guess I did gain a lot of weight and I would say I was in denial. I was able to lose weight, still loosing weight and I’m close to reaching my goal weight. ¬†YAAY!!!

The experience itself scared me into getting healthy and taking my life serious for a change. I was content with my life as it was because I was in a relationship and I wasn’t that stick skinny girl that everyone used to “pick at” for being so thin. Gaining weight in the beginning was to thicken up a little but, in order to gain weight. My intention was not to become over weight, but it happened. I learned that if you want to gain weight you must work out anyway to maintain the weight gain. I work at a desk all day and my activity level was 10 to none. Working out has become intentional and eating healthy is mandatory. I really don’t miss the foods I used to eat before I got sick. I reach more for what’s healthy instead of what feels good to my stomach or my emotions. Yeah, I have had some ice cream and some chocolate chip cookies every blue moon, but I don’t over do it. Instead of reaching for ice cream as much, I eat yogurt and granola. Instead of drinking juice, I have fallen in love with the Arizona Green Tea sweetened with honey (one a day). No red meat, definitely no pork, limited on fried foods. I didn’t want to go completely cold turkey on all the things that make me a southern gal. Everything in moderation. Least I forget TONS of H20.

We must remember ladies, the most important part of being beautiful and elegant is being healthy! Taking care of our bodies from the inside out make us feel and look better on the outside! I am back with a vengeance and if I decide to take another hiatus I will let you know especially if it’s unplanned!

Peace and Blessings

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