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>It’s Out if it’s not Outre!


This blog is for all of the ladies who wish to buy human hair extensions for sew-ins, quick weaves, or even for a bonded weave, but wants a excellent quality product for a excellent price. I know that over the few times that I’ve decided to enhance my own natural hair with hair extensions I could never find a good brand of Human Hair at a good price with excellent quality. I fell in love at first with Satin Yaki’s Human Hair (they do offer a Human Hair Blend as well) but the only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it tangled easily. I didn’t like that as much but the texture of the hair was good. I just recently decided to get another sew-in, but that’s a blog within itself, and I chose to buy Outre’s Premium New Yaki and it is 100% Human Hair and it has a soft texture, blends well with your hair (depending on your hair texture) and does not tangle. I love it! This particular brand is available in lengths ranging from 8″ to 30″, as well as a different variety of colors. This brand should be carried in beauty supply stores but I know an excellent website that you can purchase it from as well. This new Outre Premium New Yaki hair is also available in different styles if you wish to go straight to curly,natural looking texture to a curly q Afro; you have that option! Outre offers several different hair collections and they are as follows: Outre Premium Duby (loved it!), Premium Duby Kiss, Premium Indian Hair Collection, Edge Soft Yaki Weave, Vibe Human Hair Weave, Outre Pro-10 Brandy Hair Extension, and the Velvet Remi and Indian Hair. The way that I see it, It’s Out if It’s not Outre!