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Easy, Long Lasting and Chic Summer Styles from Design Essentials® Natural: Simple styles from Design Essentials® to keep your tresses healthy and stylish as the temperature rises

 It’s almost summer, so that means it’s time for beaches, cookouts, summer travel and effortless hair. Design Essentials® Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie shares some of the following step-by-step techniques to help naturalistas either change up a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) or make a twist out last even longer on kinky, curly and wavy hair textures.   See her easy tips below!

Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography


Deshonica’s Tips for Achieving Short & Chic TWA Finger Coils 










Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography

Deshonica on Rocking Out with a Bantu Knot Frohawk- An easy way to refresh a twist-out
  • Apply Design Essentials® Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion as a moisturizer first  
  • Part hair into big chunks and two-strand twist hair
  • Then add Design Essentials® Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion and create bantu knots (apply bantu knots only on both sides of the head)
  • Gather the hair in the middle and draw the hair up using a soft brush to create the frohawk
  • Secure hair with bobby pins and crisscross them for a tighter hold
  • Use a comb to create volume in the fro and make sure to tease the hair in one direction to avoid tangling

Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography

 Deshonica on a Round About Twist Out & Updo
  • Twist hair with Design Essentials® Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion, twisting hair in big sections (about 3 different sections for hair that is shoulder length)
  • T-shirt blot hair to prevent dripping and frizziness
  • Sit  under the dryer for  5 to 10 minutes to let product set
  • Separate curls by rubbing a small amount of  Design Essentials® Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion on hands, then continue to separate hair
  • To achieve fullness, take a comb and gently pull through the roots
  • Once the twists start to get old, gather the hair to the top of your head and draw the hair up using a soft brush 
  • Secure hair with bobby pins crisscrossing them, down, up, down, up to securely position the hair into a neat updo

All of the above mentioned Design Essentials® Natural products may be purchased at your local Sally Beauty Supply, Walgreens, ULTA and select beauty & barber supply stores.  You may also purchase these products from your local salon or online at
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Design Essentials® Launches New Argan Collection with Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Creme: A New product rich in nutrients ideal for healthy hair

 Design Essentials® launches a new collection designed for daily use to provide moisture, strength and shine to all textures of hair, Design Essentials® Argan Collection. The first product in the line is the Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème, formulated in a lightweight cream moisturizer. In addition to Argan Oil, Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème offers other nourishing oils such as Coconut, Jojoba and Olive, which leaves hair moisturized, strong and shiny. Here are some of the many benefits and uses of Hydrience Agran Moisturizing Crème:

  • Heat Protection: As a thermal and solar protectant, Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème acts as a barrier from harmful UV rays which can dry the hair and fade color-treated hair. It also gives a barrier between the high temperatures resulting from blow drying, curling and flat irons.
  • Moisture: With its lightweight structure, Argan oil replenishes hair from within to restore moisture.
  • Strength: Packed with Vitamin E, Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème fortifies the hair without weighing it down, helping to smooth and seal the hair cuticle as well as reduces split ends.
  • Shine: Imparting lasting sheen without greasiness to the hair, Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème is ideal for smooth and straight styles.
  • Lasting Style: Ideal for reducing flyaways, Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Crème helps to keep the hair manageable without weighing the hair down, leaving hair with tons of movement and body.

“This cream can be used on a daily basis to keep that salon-fresh look,” says Research & Development Manager,and Stylist Charmetria Craig. “It’s a perfect finishing touch before heading out the door, or at night when wrapping or pin-curling hair before bed.”

See video below for an at-home maintenance demonstration using Design Essentials® Argan Moisturizing Crème:

The Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Creme is available for the introductory price of $8.99 in local salons or Online at

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