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How to Stretch your Relaxers like a Pro

Before the stretching really got started

That’s right! You read the title correctly Miss Nic has been stretching her relaxers! I know, I was amazed at myself when I was able to forsake the creamy crack for a few weeks longer. Honestly, the withdrawal symptoms haven’t been that bad. I’ve come up with a few ways to prolong the process and keep myself from damaging my hair in the process. It has allowed me to get in touch with my new growth or roots, as one would say, and given me the opportunity to grow my hair and experiment with other methods of styling. I will share with you basically what you need to do, what I’ve learned along the way, and some of my different styling methods

I am currently four months post relaxer, for those that need a further break down that’s 16 weeks since my last relaxer retouch. I must admit, I have never in my life gone past six weeks. I was always anxious to retouch my new growth due to always being consistent with this process since I could remember. The reason why I am now 16 weeks is because I colored my hair at the end of March. I also decided to put my hair in Senegalese twists as well to further prolong my stretching.

I first decided to stretch my relaxers just to give it a try. I wanted/needed to see if this process was beneficial to hair growth. For years we’ve been told to not stretch to avoid breakage. I can honestly say this is true if you don’t know what you are doing.  I began to notice that once I started stretching my hair was growing and I started to see my minimal shedding decrease to almost no shedding. I stopped heat styling my hair and opted for buns, twist outs, wigs that I made, and Senegalese twists.  The first time I twisted my hair in Senegalese twist I noticed how my hair had grown from leaving it in for about two months (when the stretching began).

 I continued with my normal hair care routine: Shampooing once a week, but I opted to deep condition every week instead of every other week using Elasta QP Ultra Hydration Deep Conditioner ( I SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT)<<< More to come. I always add the optimum 6-n-1 miracle hair oil to this deep conditioner to boost my moisture and my hair is always super soft after the conditioner. I would let it air dry mostly (often times completely) and then straighten it with the blow dryer. If I wanted to curl it I would use my curling wand and twist it, or roll it for the remainder of the week.

What have I learned while stretching??

NO HEAT!! I opted for a top bun for most days. I would simply moisturize my hair, bun it and go. No need for heat. After I shampooed it and blow dried it (for ease of combing and brushing) I was done for the week.

Deep Conditioning every week was a bonus for my hair. Okay, I must admit I understand why some naturals choose to co-wash mid week. Myself, on the other hand still do not completely agree with the process and did not choose to try it. Find out why here. I made sure to get my moisture in my conditioning process and my shampooing process. I opted to use certain cream based leave in conditioners where I felt necessary (some can be used on dry hair).

Making Progress BTW My bangs now are below my chin 🙂

Sulfate free Shampoo helps to keep the hair from over drying. The more new growth you have the drier your hair will be. Using a sulfate free shampoo made the detangling process easier. Believe it or not, if it isn’t a moisturizing shampoo (with sulfates), it’s going to make your hair harder to detangle.

Buns are easy and can be stylish. I would some times opt for my Marley braid hair (the same hair I use for my Senegalese twists) and do a cute bun. Recently, I created a cute Mohawk using the same braid hair. It was simple, quick, and extremely easy to do. All you need is the hair and bobby pins. 

Senegalese twists, kinky twist, rope braids, whatever you want to call them can help the hair grow. I taught myself how to do these twists on myself and they were easy. Takes a few days to complete, but the outcome is always gorgeous. What you may find to be odd is that  while I have these twists in my hair, I only use a herbal dry shampoo on my hair. Sounds crazy, but I think that helps a little too. I will talk more about it in a later post to come. These twists are a great way to keep your hands out of your head and if you can do it yourself and have the patience, they are affordable.  I would say these are better for the hair opposed to regular braids. The reason why I say this is because the tension on the hair is different and it’s not going to pull your edges out.

Products I Use
Elasta QP Ultra Hydration Deep Conditioner
All of my Leave in conditioners listed here
Shea Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo
Elasta QP Shampoo for Relaxed Hair
Most Recent Products since my new color
Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner (sometimes mixed with my deep conditioner)
Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing shampoo and Conditioner
More to Come about each of the products not linked!!

 Enough with the Talking Now on to the PICS!!

Length Progression
Side by side comparison and length at the end of March 2013
Easter Sunday Morning. Trying to give my stare. lol
My most current style. Love these twists and the color.

Top Bun with my Twists

Quick  twist down for bed

After a fresh shampoo and Deep Conditioner

My new growth

The Mohawk I created using my Marley Braid Hair

My Senegalese Twists

Bun using Marley Braid Hair

My Gorgeous Wand Curls (After) Easter Sunday

Check out my tutorial here where I show you how to create the top bun.

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Design Essentials ® Natural brings New Styles, Transitioning Tips and Blood Pressure Screenings to the 16th Annual World Natural Hair Show


Naturalistas converged on Atlanta during the 16th Annual World Natural Hair Show and Design Essentials® Natural was on hand to give on-site consultations, share hair tips in the Do It Yourself and Chic Natural Styling workshops, and they also provided free blood pressure screenings to those who stopped by the booth.


As a bonus, YouTube vlogger Kiki of Mahogany Knots commanded the booth to talk all things hair and take photos with attendees.


Check out the photos from the the event, below!
Design Essentials® Natural Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie and hair model show the versatility of natural hair.  Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography
   Natural hair bloggers and vloggers from across the country stopped by the Design Essentials® Natural booth to show off their natural styles. Dr. Nina Hervey- Ellis, Beautiful Brown Baby Dol (left) Meechy Monroe & Vaughn Monroe, Ms. Vaughn TV  (top right) Maeling Tapp Murphy Natural Chica (bottom right)
Photo Credit:Calvin Lionel Photography
Frances Williams Revealing Beaute & Kiki Mahogany Knots (top left);
Peace Gurlish Curls (top right) Arkeedah McCormick It’s Arkeedah (bottom left); Vanessa Vanie0295 (bottom right) 
Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel  Photography
Attendees enjoyed personal consultations and styles by Design Essentials® Natural stylists. Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography    
  Kiki of Mahogany Knots hosted the Design Essentials® Natural booth where she mingled with attendees, posed for photos and offered hair styling tips.
Photo Credit:Calvin Lionel Photography
World Natural Hair attendees were able to get their blood pressure checked at the Design Essentials® Natural booth.
Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography
Hundreds of women stopped by the Design Essentials ® Natural booth to show their hairstyles. Attendees sported everything from a pop of color to curls, twists and braids.  Photo Credit: Calvin Lionel Photography
 They look great don’t they?? Shout Out to Design Essentials for the blood pressure screenings! It’s important to stay beautiful but most of all healthy!! For more information on Design Essentials and their product line for all hair types click here.
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