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Miss Nic’s Spotlight: Introducing Kia Logan Hair Stylist and Salon Owner of K. Logan Hair

Hello Blog Lovers! Here is another addition to Miss Nic’s Spotlight.  I recently had the opportunity to visit the K. Logan Hair Salon located in Atlanta Georgia. I was hooked up by the salon owner herself Kia Logan. In natural Elegant Edge Fashion I had to interview her and find out more information about her as a stylist and her hair salon. I had such a great experience I had to share it with you guys. If you missed it check out the post here. Today I’m introducing to you Kia Logan of K. Logan Hair

 The Interview

MNEE:    How long have you been in the industry and what inspired you to start doing hair? 
KL: I have been doing hair literally since the 3rdgrade. I have always known how to stay in my lane and what I wanted to do in life.

MNEE:What is your specialty as a Stylist? 

KL: Here at K. Logan Hair, we specialize in our own luxurious hair line and  making custom wigs.  

MNEE:At what point did you know that you wanted to become a salon owner?? 

KL: After working for two other salons and seeing how the business was run, I learned  how I did not want my business to go and was inspired to open my own salon.

MNEE: As a business woman, what advice would you give to women who desire to start their own business?? 

KL:Research your market along with getting a market niche, set yourself apart from all the other business’ out there that are in the same field as yourself. Be different

MNEE: What product lines do you carry in your salon?? Zen Care Professional

MNEE: Tell us about your salon and what future clients should expect from their visit.  

KL: Our salon has a quaint yet posh feel; each stylist has there on separate styling room, totally different from the traditional salon. Our individual room gives clients the feel of privacy and security in letting their natural state of hair loose without feeling like they are going to be criticized. We offer normal salon services such as short cuts, color, natural ceramic presses and styling, hair extensions and make-up services.

MNEE: What is the most important thing a woman can do for her hair? 

KL: The most important thing a woman can do for their hair is maintaining moisture. This can be achieved by covering the hair at night, shampooing and conditioning with quality hair products and drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy diet regimen.

MNEE:What are your top three favorite hair products and why? 

KL: 1) Zen Care Professional – their product line can be used on any hair, starting with the shampoo and conditioner down to the styling products. It always gives the hair a wonderful shine while keeping the hair light and bouncy. 2) Jane Carter Solutions – I love her line because she is a black woman who made her line to cater to our hair in its natural state. Her products are all natural and she is an awesome individual. I can use her styling products on my chemical free clients and achieve just about any look desired. 3) Pravana Color line- the only color line where they have moisturizing agents in all of their colors. My client’s hair continues to stay moisture enriched even after the harsh coloring process is complete.

MNEE: What is your niche, what sets you apart from all the other hair salons in the area? 

KL: Our luxurious hair line and custom wigs is our headliner that sets us apart  from other salons.

MNEE:Could you tell us about the exclusive hair extension line that you offer your clients? 

KL: Our line consists of 3 collections. K. Logan Raw Collection, which is our virgin Indian hair in its completely raw state, no chemical processing has been done; K. Logan Kink Collection, our East Asian hair with several different curl textures. All curls are locked in with steam no chemical. The hair  can be straightened out and curls back up once the hair is shampooed; and K. Logan Kool Collection, our East Asian hair with several different wave patterns. All wave patterns are locked in with steam. Hair can be straightened out and will wave back up once the hair is shampooed.

MNEE:Do you have any first time client promotions available for new clients? 

KL: All first time clients will receive 15% off total services, we also have a 3=FREE referral program, any client who refers 3 people will receive a free shampoo and style service.

The Salon

Kia’s Work

K. Logan Hair Extensions

I had the opportunity to feel these extensions and I must say that they are totally soft and 100% customizable according to your needs, desires, and wants.

K.Logan Hair Contact Information
  1610 Lavista Road Suite #4
Atlanta, GA 30329



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