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Late Post: VII Oxygen Mask Product Demo and Review

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has enjoyed the first three days of the new year!! This post is definately late, but like the saying goes..better late than never right. This is officially my first post for the new year.  I was sent the VII (vee two) oxygen eye mask to review. Below is a demo and my final thoughts on the product. I wanted to share more product information that I wanted to mention in the video but left out for the sake of time.

How to: Demo
Final Review:


As I stated in the final video, I was able to instantly see results the next morning. After many sleepless nights and late nights and early mornings (no pun intended), I desperately needed to fix my dark circles and bags that were starting to develop. It was like the heavens opened and I was sent this product. After much research this product offers ageless beauty. I was amazed to see the results so quickly. I don’t have that many fine lines and extremely dark circles but I was able to see the difference. This product retails for $55 and contains six packets. You simply peel and stick and leave them on for 8 hours. I finally purchased a sleep masl to wear to keep them on at night while I sleep and I must say that I’m not completely in love with my sleep mask. If you need sleep or have trouble going to sleep buy one and use it. It will put you to sleep!!

Fun Facts

The VII oxygen mask originated from dermatologist Bryme Victor who was born in Austria. He developed this new “ageless mythology” through research to help fix his congenital skin disease. According to the history I received about this product. Bryme offered his secret formula to Queen Josephine (Napoleons wife) and it made her look younger than her daughter. She was nearly fifty. Interesting to say the if they could just make this product for the entire face..hmmmmm. I’m still 25, but if this product can smooth our my under eye area in just one night..imagine what it could do for women who spend thousands on botox and plastic surgery.

Product Information:

VII O2M™ Oxygen Eye Mask is rich in oxygen vegetal extract essence — one of world’s six top anti-aging elements, which is refined from various aerotolerant plants in mountains, cliffs and seas by Byrne Victor Lab to help skin activate and improve the capability of oxygen uptake fundamentally. By stimulating the core element of the cell’s mitochondrial DNA around eye skin — CIMC, by releasing the gene’s sedimentary memory, and by awaking the sleeping cells to absorb oxygen again, the oxygen vegetal extract essence provides enough oxygen and energy for cell-repair. It can repair the senile skin elastic fiber and promote the collagen production to make skin active and elastic again perfectly, helping you get rid of various eye problems like dull eyes, puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles etc.

You can purchase this product here and you can also get a free gift as well using this code: 

VII CODE O2C All-star Oxygen Eye Cream sample 3ml (with limited quantity).
Try this product out!! I promise you will like it and see the results. Even I was amazed!!
Thanks for reading!! Thanks for watching!! Tell a friend!! Peace and Blessings!!