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Make-up Wednesdays: The Perfect Eyebrow

Hello Blog Lovers!! This weeks Make-up Wednesday is all about creating the perfect sculpted eyebrow.  It’s long over due but I recently sculpted some eyebrows for a friend of mine and I just had to share it with you guys. I’ve been busy so excuse my lack of posting.

I shared with you guys my highly request eyebrow sculpting video from my YT Channel a while ago but its always good get a refresher course every once in a while. This post will be about how not to sculpt your eyebrow at home and not necessarily arching your eyebrow. I’ve already discussed arching eyebrows and how to fill in your eyebrows. I wouldn’t suggest you arching your eyebrows at home unless you are good at doing it and you know exactly what you are doing. Before I proceed to discuss how to get the perfect eyebrow let me first address what you shouldn’t do to your eyebrows: Please understand that these are a few things I have recently noticed and they need to be addressed so please don’t get offended. I am that one person who will tell you what you should know because no one else has done so.

  • Do not use a black eye pencil to fill in your eyebrows. Your eyebrows may appear to be jet black or black in color but in all actuality it is far from being black. Just think about how you look with jet black painted on eyebrows. You should choose to use a dark brown eyebrow pencil and/or brow powder. Dark brown won’t clash with jet black hair. Choosing a brown pencil to sculpt your brows is far from being wrong and far from looking horrendous on your face. 

  • We are in 2011 and we are continuing to move forward so shaving your eyebrows completely off and penciling them in is so 1999 so please refrain from doing so. It’s not cute and what would you do if it smudged or came off?? You should not be without eyebrows unless they burned off or maybe you took too much off so you just opted to shave them off (sculpting them with a pencil can fix that), or you are suffering from a medical disorder and you can’t grown hair. One or two things will happen you will create that wretched sperm brow (discussed below) and/or you will draw the eyebrow in too low or too high. Makes no since.
  • Please refrain from creating sperm eyebrows. Your eyebrows are not naturally in the shape of sperm. If you are questioning what I mean I am simply referring to creating a little round ball at the end of the your eyebrows and drawing the thin tail end. It’s not cute and it looks really weird. There are plenty of eyebrow sculpting kits available. They work!!
  • Some may disagree with this but don’t permanently change the color of your eyebrows. Just because you chose to die your hair red doesn’t mean red should be the color of your eyebrows. It’s too much to take on at once and if you just have to go that route try using the correct eye pencil and coordinating eyeshadow to make that change. Some people change their hair color all the time and  with that change may just go the color of the eyebrows as well. Then you will end up with no eyebrows due all of the stress you put on it.  
  • Please avoid using a white based concealer for cleaning up and defining your brow. In the past I said using a white pencil would be okay..but in reality it just looks terrible in pictures and stands out awful in public

  • Make sure you use a brow powder or appropriate eyeshadow to create a softer natural looking brow.
  • Give the eyebrow a natural look by making it lighter at the beginning of the brow and darker at the end.
  • Do use the correct tools to create the perfect brow e.g. spoolie, eyebrow brush/comb,angled brush to feel in the gaps.
  • Use a flesh tone concealer to make corrections. 

Here is an updated list of what you need to create the sculpted eyebrow:

Things that you need:
Brow Pencil or Powder
Eyebrow brush
Q-tip (For small corrections, helping to make clean lines if you mess up or make it too thick)
Highlighting shadow
 2 Angled Brushes for defining the brow and for filling in the brow with the powder (One brush should be firm and the other soft)
  1.  Brush you eyebrows and make sure they are smooth and all hairs are going in the same direction.
  2. I make sure that brow pencil is sharp. A dull pencil will not give you the definition that you need.
  3. I start underneath my eyebrow and draw the defining line, following my natural arch from the beginning to the end.
  4. I then draw the defining line at the top of my eyebrow, again following my natural arch. Making sure that I blend the end of the top into the bottom line making a perfect point.  This is done to create the shape of the brow
  5. Using short strokes you fill in the lines with the pencil trying to make it look as natural as possible. I currently use a brow powder (Some of my faves are NYX Brow Powder Kit, E.L.F Brow Powder Kit, and Browzing by Benefit)
  6. I take my eyebrow brush to smooth and blend.
  7. Using the concealer (Flesh tone) and your firm angled brush you can just draw a line underneath the lower defining line very close and using either your shadow brush or fingers blend in the line. Repeat this step above the brow as well to clean up any corrections. if you choose not to use concealer use the Q-tip to make corrections 


Sperm Brows
  Disclaimer: All pictures shown were pictures found in regular google image search. I do not own these pictures except for the first two above at the beginning of the post.
Thanks for reading! Tell a Friend and leave comments!! And Remember ladies Your eyes are the windows to the soul and your eyelids, lashes and brows are your window treatments. Lets decorate them the right way. 🙂
Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~