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Becoming a Hair Stylist Tips: My Story

Hair Styling isn’t just a Job its a Passion-Miss Nic

Hello Blog Lovers!! I hope all is well with each and everyone of you! I recently received an email from someone who watches my YT channel and from someone who follows the blog as well and they wanted to know if I had some tips or information on getting started as a hair stylist. I have made two videos so far for my YT channel in reference to this topic but I decided that I would just document the same by creating a blog post for it.

First I would just like to share my story on how I even decided to pursue this as career. I basically grew up in a hair salon. My mother is a licensed Master Cosmetologist. I was in the 4th grade when she decided to go to hair school to get her license and upon graduating from hair school she started her own salon business. My start began when I was about thirteen, my mother owned and operated her business alone so in order for her to maintain the business my sister and I had to help. In the process of helping I became her assistant/apprentice and that is where I learned all of the basics of hair styling. That included shampooing, roller setting, proper draping, and more. The older I became the more I was able to do without being in complete violation of State Board Regulations. I was only able to do so much for the clients but the majority of my training came after salon hours when it was time to do my hair, my mothers hair, and my sisters hair.

I was eager to learn how to do everything even though I swore all I wanted to do was own a salon and get someone else to work it for me. My mother was my very first client (first live client). After hours I would do her hair and she would talk me through the steps holding a mirror (which is a hairstylist pet peeve BTW along with touching your hair while it’s being styled) and I would just go with the flow. I don’t remember the age to be exact when I actually started doing all of this but it was somewhere between the end of 8th grade and the end of 9th grade. I remember doing so many things from relaxers to hair coloring including hair extensions for my mother and she didn’t mind doing it at all. I learned how to do all types of hair styles and updo’s because whatever she wanted she taught me how to do it.  I did a few of my friends hair in high school and even through college which helped to build confidence and skill .

My mother specialized in hair maintenance and growing healthy relaxed hair. All of her clients were on her every two weeks regimen which basically consisted of salon visits for maintenance every two weeks. Of course that solely depended on the clients needs and desires. New clients would come based on their hair needs and a lot of them would come due to hair breakage or hair damage from improper maintenance. One thing that I can say is that just by being under my mother in a salon for so long (almost 12 years) I have learned a lot and have been inspired to do what I enjoy doing today along with the ins and outs of salon business and what I want to do for my salon as well as what I don’t want to do for my salon.

After high school I decided to go to school for Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing and after receiving my diploma I decided to go to hair school. Hair school was something that I decided to do so that I could receive my hours and learn what was necessary for the state board exam to get my license. Everything with the exception of a few things was a refresher course for me.After that was the birth of this Blog that you read today Miss Nic’s Elegant Edge (which was created while I was still in Cosmetology School. This is just a venue for me to share what I already know and to be able to use this a branding and marketing tool for myself as a stylist.  Today I am licensed and I do desire to open up a salon in the future after I receive my MBA in business administration. 

Until my next post I will leave you with this: If you desire to become a hair stylist the number one thing I tell those who ask is PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE. If you are really serious try looking for a salon job where you can either start as the assistant (you usually would need some experience) to the stylists, become a shampoo tech (some experience my be required but they maybe willing to teach you), and/or be the receptionist for the salon. All of these positions are positions that will allow you the opportunity to be able to learn more and perfect what you already know.

 Thanks for reading! Tell a Friend!! and Leave Comments Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

Above are some pics of a hair style I believe was created somewhere during my Junior Year and Senior Year of High School because I remember having to scan and upload this picture to the computer to post it to Myspace (when it was hot).


Relaxing my hair at home with Dark and Lovely Healthy Gloss 5

Hello Blog Lovers!! Welcome to my new subscribers!! I’ve been swamped with MBA homework along with being a little down in my health but I am feeling a lot better and I wanted to share a few of my YT videos with you guys. These two videos are about how I self-relax my hair at home when I self-relax I prefer going to a salon but I wanted to do this video for my YT followers and I did so now I’m sharing it with you guys. I will post my final thoughts and review on this new relaxer later. Check it out!!

Thanks for Watching!! ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~