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>The Benefits of using Coconut Oil

>Hello Blog lovers! As promised on my previous blog post Becoming a Mixtress experimenting with hair oils I discussed how I have been using Coconut Oil on my hair as a pre-poo/deep conditioner and to my surprise it has helped my hair a lot. I haven’t been able to use it lately because I had my hair in a sew-in but I will be picking back up with the treatments this week when I shampoo my hair. I know its a lot of different things on the web about coconut oil but I wanted to share it anyway because as promised I am going to discuss the benefits of using Coconut Oil on the hair.

The Facts
Coconut oil has a extremely great moisture retaining capacity: It can’t be broken down easily nor evaporated. It won’t let moisture escape from the hair and in turn keeps the hair moistened and soft. Using Coconut Oil will prevent breakage of the hair. It has been proven to replenish the vital oils that give your hair shine and bounce and reduce split ends. It naturally penetrates the hair shaft and helps to reduce protein loss. It contains fatty acids that are proven to enhance and strengthen the hair shaft. Coconut Oil contains both Lauric Acid and Capric Acid which are both antimicrobial which is good for fighting off bacteria on the hair and scalp. It contains Vitamin E which keeps the hair rejuvenated and scalp and skin healthy. Coconut Oil contains fatty acids which serve as a very good anti-dandruff agent.  Coconut oil usage over time will get rid of dandruff and is better than dandruff shampoo.  The same fatty acids are proven to enhance and strengthen the hair shaft.
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>HTOW: Conair Clipless Curling Iron

>I know it has been a minute since I have posted a HTOW blog post but I almost felt as though I had pretty much disscussed them all (which I know I havent but I felt like I pretty much covered the majority) until now! I have had my eyes on the Enzo Milano forever and a day and it is a newer version of a curling iron or hot curler (which ever suits you) but it is coned shaped with no clamp. It is very expensive and only the best have it and I am determined to get one for myself! As the title states above this is about Infiniti by Conair which has created their very own version of the Enzo Milano and calling it a Clip less Curling Iron or the You Curl.

It is coned shaped like the Enzo Milano and offers the same type of curling pattern as well, depending on how you use it. My sister pictured below told me about this product after she purchased it and I loved how it turned out on her so I am determined to buy one for Christmas!!  Check out the stats on the product:

  • Fast & easy with no kinks
  • Tourmaline Ceramic technology
    • More protection
    • Reduces frizz
    • Helps eliminate static
    • No damaging hot spots
  • Powerful ceramic heater
  • 30-second instant heat*
  • Ultra-high heat
    • 400°F/204°C
  • Auto shutoff
  • LED indicator lights
  • Professional-length line cord
  • Limited five-year warranty

This clip less curling iron is going for $45.00 or more but its under $100. The Enzo is going for $100 and up depending on where you buy it. I am ecstatic and cant wait to get my own! Check out the how to video here and where to purchase it here

I am not affiliated with Conair nor am I a spokes person. 

This is my Sister and her lovely curls that she created. Check out her Youtube Channel Here
I will make sure that do a tutorial on how to complete this look for both the blog and my Youtube Channel

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>HPOW: Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade


This weeks HPOW is the Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade. On last week the HPOW was the Cantu Grown Strong Strengthening Treatment. I purchased this product along with the last HPOW that was discussed. I love this product as well and it smells just as good as the other one. At first when I picked it up I was just being curious but I was also a little fearful of using it because when I think of pomade I think of something thick and heavy and hard hair. I don’t have short hair that needs to be spiked so what exactly could I use it for and how could I use it on my hair? So being the impulse shopper that I am I picked it up and bought it. Its was worth satisfying my curiosity. I love it!! Glad I purchased it!!! I use it on my edges and also to flat iron my hair (Not sure if you noticed but I like to switch up my flat iron products depends on my mood). You have to use a little bit because it can weigh the hair down to the point where it is limp that’s if you use too much at one time. I just emulsify it in my fingers and just manipulate it down the hair shaft. Check out the stats below and you can purchase this product in the same place as discussed in my previous blog post here. This one I believe is cheaper than the other product.

Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade is made with pure shea butter to condition hair while styling and adding shine.
Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade is ideal for natural styles as well as adding that finishing touch to moisturize, texturize, lift, control, and add shine to all hairstyles.
Cantu® Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade helps…

  • texturize and add control for all hairstyles
  • add shine and lift to hair
  • conditions with pure Shea butter
  • provide extra protection heat, split ends and breakage

Directions: Apply pomade to palms of the hands and apply gently to dry or towel-dried hair.  Style as usual.

 I give this product the official ★★★★★ (5star stamp). I  ♥ this one as well. It smells great and keeps my hair soft, shiny, and manageable all at the same time!!

I am not affiliated with Cantu Shea Butter hair products. I purchased the product with my own money and this is my honest opinion of the product.

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>Whats the 411: Nicki Minaj "Did it on em" lyrics

>Hello Blog Lovers! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! I unforntually had a busy one as usual and Im trying to recover from being under the weather. This post is about an issue that was brought to my attention via YouTube and it has to do with hair issues and one of our very own female mcs that just dropped her debut album. This is my honest opinion and I will try my hardest to not be bias because I am a Nicki Minaj fan for several reasons. I will discuss those reasons later on in the post.

This morning as I always do, I check my twitter, youtube, facebook, and email just to see what went down between the hours that I was sleeping. One of my favorite Youtube Gurus African Export posted a new video which was in my must watch section of my youtube page and I clicked it because I love to hear what she has to say and because it was about Nicki Minaj. African Export keeps it 100 all the time. She doesn’t stray away from that and she doesn’t sugar coat anything for anyone. That’s what I love about her because I love to do the same thing. Her video was in response to another youtuber who made a video about Pink Friday as an album review. However, she only focused on the one song that stood out to her and not all the other ones (which didn’t make it an album review). The particular song that is up for discussion is the third song off of the Pink Friday Album entitled Did it on Em. I actually like the song, I thought it was catchy and what stood out to me the most was the hook.  There is a line with in the song that goes something like this:

“I’m the terminator bitch talk slick Imma have to terminate her
These little nappy headed hoes need a perminator.”

The overall discussion now is that Nick Minaj is a Natural Hair Hater. The Youtuber that brought the lyrics to the forefront also says that there is a hype man in the back ground who is co-signing what she says and is singing the Just For Me Relaxer theme song (Wow who would have thought that little tape that was included inside of every relaxer kit would have still have such an impact today) I didn’t hear the song being song over Nicki’s bars that she was rapping but I did hear the hype man the few times I have the CD in rotation. I wasn’t offended and even if I was natural I wouldn’t be offended. I don’t know her she don’t know me so it would have been just a song to me I wouldn’t have felt she hated me because I chose to be natural. I don’t feel she is a natural hair hater. If you viewed her documentary that was shown on MTV with her family it appears that some of them may be naturals which would be absurd for her to hate natural hair because she appeared to just simply adore her family members.  I am so confused because in my opinion the whole album from start to finish is her basically expressing herself on  a lot of issues that reflect what she has been going through for the last few years she has been in the industry. A lot of her lyrics are directed towards those who have doubted her as an artist, lyricist, and as an individual. If you have been one that keeps up with the media you should be aware of her beef with Lil Kim and other lyricist that have dissed her instead of supporting her. In my opinion the song is basically her talking smack to whomever she felt like talking about. I didn’t feel that she was talking about the entire Natural Hair Community.

She is a lyricist that is known for her catchy off the wall lyrics and this is one of those lyrics. She isn’t afraid to say what others aren’t afraid to say and her style is off the wall and her hair matches her lyrical expression. She is Nicki Minaj and she isn’t afraid to push the envelope and be her. That’s why I like her as an artist. She keeps it girlie and fun. I am not into the whole Barbie thing because I stop playing with barbies a long time ago but I think its cute. Dolls a pretty..barbies are pretty…they are adorned…and I Iconic and I think that is the idea behind the barbie wave even if some of us don’t get it. I think this is overall a case of something that was said that was taken out of context like everyone does nowadays on a regular basis. This isn’t the case with the basket ball coach who was white and everyone on the team is African American. However I am not saying because Nicki Said it  is better or okay..but what I am saying is the context behind it isn’t the same.

Whats more relevant than downsizing Nicki’s album sales by protesting and hating her now because of the song on the album??? Glad you asked and are willing to listen…. Global Issues, Poverty, and what really affects the African American Community such as: HIV Aids, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Dead Beat Dads, and a whole lot more that I care not to mention.
I think that is more relevant than this issue period. Hair is an accessory and should not be the epicenter of your being. Yes I am for embracing your hair and taking care of it. I am also for embracing everyone as a whole and also being real rational. To jump the conclusion that she hates natural hair is irrational to me. The time wasted getting upset about what she said and what she represents could have been used on spreading awareness about relevant issues. Its time to stop letting what others think of us and say about us become relevant. The statement, feelings, thoughts, and concerns of others about who you are as a person and individual is irrelevant.  RuPaul said it best when he said what others think and say about me is none of my business. I have adopted that and I think it says a lot when you can live your life for who you are and not for others.

  My question for everyone is this How do we not know she isn’t natural??? So how can we say she is a Natural Hair Hater??

 She wears wigs and extensions and I know a lot of women who are natural underneath but choose to wear wigs and keep it that way.  We are all doing our own thing lets support each other and embrace each other. I mean lets be real people!!

I am sorry this is long but I had to blog about this and share because it is about Hair. Durrr.   But stay tuned for more fun and intersting things! Love yourself and be Happy about who you are!!

The links to the video:

Original Video:
African Export: Her response to the video

Link to actual song: (It is tweaked a little because it doesn’t sound like that on the album)
 (The lyrics to the whole song is in the description box)

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