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>I love my Hair

>Hello Blog Lovers! I know I’ve been MIA for a while and I appologize I’ve been working on somethings and along with my MBA I’ve been extremely busy. I was just browsing through other blogs (mostly gossip) and I came across this post that pertained the video below (Hopefully it will play). After watching it I was slightly teary eyed simply for two reasons (my opinion) 1. It was just the cutest thing and the idea was just as cute 2. It saddens me that at an early age our children (African American) are going through the “my hair is ugly phase.” I don’t remember going through this growing up and now at 23 years old I hear more about it more than ever before. Why is this such an issue and why are our kids having to be subjected to this so young.  I currently don’t have children and I can only imagine what will happen when I do have children and if I’m blessed to have a little girl what am I going to tell her when and if she says “Mommy my hair is ugly can I get a perm?” I may just have to sit down and think about it and let everything that she just asked me register first before I respond. Then my mind will remember  this day October 19, 2010 where I saw the video pertaining to this song “I love my hair”. I ultimately would like to say that I won’t break down in tears (maybe so IDK) but I would just simply tell her that her hair is not ugly and her hair is what makes her unique. Altering her hair won’t change who she is on the inside but will only give you an appearance that may seem to be acceptable. If others can’t accept you for who you are that is their issue for them to deal with. We have to be strong and confident and we have to embrace who we are as individuals. If everyone was doing everything the same way this world would consist of robots and not human beings. Your black is beautiful, my black is beautiful and our black is beautiful. I know I’m relaxed and I’m not all together sure if I will remain relaxed when I become a mother. I do know that I won’t be that mother that is like okay she’s 10 so lets relax her hair so I don’t have to deal with it. I may decide to leave her natural and let her decide when she is ready if she wants to take that step. This life that we live is all about making choices and growing from the choices that we make. I will leave that up to her and allow her to explore who she is because I can’t do that for her.

I think we should all continue (if you haven’t started maybe now is the time) to learn to embrace each other for our individuality. Treat others like you desire to be treated. It’s up to us to break the cycle of the stigma that follows the choices behind becoming natural, being natural, having chemically processed hair or whatever you would like to call it, but it’s time for us to embrace each other for our unique attributes that make us that individual. I think that Sesame Street (one of my all time fave kid shows) made an effort to say that everyone is different and it’s okay to be different. I didn’t find it offensive but I saw the message. All I can say is Wow.

After watching the video what do you guys think? More Post to come! Until next time Peace and Blessings ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~