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>Sensational Instant Weave Half-Wig HZ-7030 My First Half -Wig Review


Hello Blog Lovers! I wanted to share this video with you guys. This is a Half-Wig Tutorial/Review. This is my first half-wig and I loved her. I purchased this wig from along with another one and I was very pleased! I’m trying to wear my hair protected so I can keep my hands out of it which is always best so after watching many videos on youtube I decided to try a half wig. Check it out and Tell me what you think! The video was posted to my Youtube Channel in August.

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>HTOW: Hair Tool Focus-Tourmaline Technology and Ceramic Technology in Flat Irons What’s the Difference?

>Hello Blog Lovers! Happy Hump Day the Weekend is almost here. I’m excited. This week’s Hair Tool of the Week will be a Hair Tool Focus. I’ve discussed several different flat irons in my HTOW posts and I just wanted to focus this week on Tourmaline Technology that is used in today’s newest flat irons. I have purchased two flat irons within the past month and I must say I am hooked! I had to chunk my old ceramic flat iron that I’ve had for ever and a day on last week. I must say once you switch you will not go back. You can tell the difference and it is very prevalent.

So what’s the difference? I’m glad you asked!!

 Tourmaline is actually a crystal in it’s rare form. When it comes to it being used in flat irons it’s ground up finely and then applies to cover the plates of the flat iron. In this form it produces a high volume of negative ions when combined with the heat from the flat iron. Those negative ions that are emitted help to straighten the hair quicker thus producing less heat damage to the hair cuticle. This is what gives the hair the silky smooth final result that we all desire to have.

Regular Ceramic Flat irons are known for their ability to heat up quickly. Some reach their highest temperature with in 10 seconds which is why it produces quick straightening results. They are also known for their ability to distribute heat evenly which reduces the amount of time you have to run the iron over the hair shaft which reduces excessive heat damage to the hair cuticle.

Okay And?? They both reduce heat damage so what’s really the difference??
After trying my Tool Science Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron I could really tell the difference! My hair was soft and very silky. I was so surprised! I mentioned in my HTOW post how great it was when I used it on someone Else’s hair in Beauty School. Now my hair is #cosigning it! My sister loves it too (she just had to try it)! I just recently re-styled my hair as I did in the Hair bonding 101 post I posted last week and of course I flat ironed my hair first before I rolled so I chose to use my old flat iron to create my curls because the width of my old flat iron is wider than my Tool Science flat iron. I could tell the difference in how drab my hair looked the next day after my curls fell. I was like oh wow…so I recreated the curls with my Tool Science flat iron (because you can, I was worried about the width but it’s minor compared to the actual results) and I was just oh wow the entire time.  There is a major difference and I suggest that you switch to a flat iron as well as the hair dryer (which dries the hair faster) your hair will love it and I guarantee you will love it too! 
I had to dis and then dismiss my old flat iron but I must say we did have some good times together and I used her to the fullest capacity and potential and we both worked well together to push out some fly hair styles but I must say my Tourmaline Flat Iron does it better.
Disclaimer: My honest opinion was stated about the Tool Science Flat Iron. It was purchased with my money.
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>Hair Bonding 101: Styling my hair with Flexi Rods!

>Hello Blog Lovers! I wanted to share with you guys two videos that I uploaded to my Youtube Channel. I did a Hair Bonding Video Series. After I bonded the hair in my head I decided to style it with flexi rods. Check out my Hair Tool of The Week post on the flexi rods here. Check out the videos and watch the others on my channel. Subscribe if you haven’t great things coming up here and on youtube!

This is my method of using the flexi rods. They can be done without curling the hair first and they can be used while the hair is wet. This is merely and option.

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>I’m Back! My Mini Hiatus and Soap And Glory Review


Hello Blog Lovers and Welcome to my new followers!! I have been MIA for a few weeks now and I apologize. I have however made an effort to keep up with what’s going on in the blogger world. I’ve also taken good notes and I have some great things coming up. I have been busy with school I’m currently working on my Master’s Degree in Business and work has been just as busy. I’m also working on developing a new blog and I’ve been busy working on the details for that. Stay tuned it will be interesting. I’m back and in full effect!

A few weeks ago I was in Target and I was browsing the beauty section. As always I was in there for cleaning supplies and not beauty products but I came across this display for Soap and Glory products and what caught my eye was the colors and the vintage pictures that grace the products and packaging. I will be honest, this was my first time coming across these products. Some are probably thinking where have you been?? Under a rock?? My Response: IDK maybe I have. Giggles.

I was very intrigued by all of the products on the shelf and I really wanted to grab everything there just to try it but I didn’t I kept it simple. I purchased the body butter (The Daily Smooth Amazingly-Effective Dry Skin Formula Body Butter) which has Rosehip Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter. It’s scented with the brands Mist you Madly body spray which has Bergamot, Blackcurrent, Magnolia, Freesia, and Vanilla Musk. I ♥ it!  It’s not too loud and it’s not over powering. It leaves the skin smooth and silky. My sister and mother love it as well.
This body butter gets my five star stamp ★★★★★. This is priced at $14.99 at Target locations

I also purchased the Glam A lot Fragrant Body Spray. I ♥ this as well. It smells great. It’s not loud or overpowering either. It has a Vanilla Musk scent as well. I will definitely make a purchase  of these two products and more in the future. This body spray also has my five star stamp★★★★★. This is priced at $9.99 at Target Locations

Check out the #toocute Soap and Glory Website

Disclaimer: I purchased these beauty products with my own money and this is my honest review and opinion.

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