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>Miss Nic’s Doo Gro Challenge Update


Hello Blog Lovers! If you remember I started using Doo Gro product on my hair and I shared with you guys I believe in March that I was putting myself under a Doo Gro Challenge. Click Here to see the before pics. I’m just about done with my first bottle of shampoo so I posted a video on  Youtube Channel three weeks ago (I’m behind for you guys I know) to just share my progress so far. Check out the video below and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!
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>HTOW: Hair Bun Maker


This weeks Hair Tool of the Week is the Hair Bun Maker. It’s not technically a tool but it’s a asset for creating a bun using your tools. Giggles. I know you guys may remember back in the day when we created the “sock bun” where we put our hair in a pony tail and used an old gym sock and created the perfect bun. Strange to some but it worked, and yes I did it. My cousin actually introduced that to me and when I heard it I was like…. what??? but it worked. This past weekend one of my favorite loyal clients wanted her hair done in a “sock bun” but we weren’t going to use the sock. I had no idea (this is the truth and maybe I’m late) that they made the rings for the “sock bun” to eliminate the sock. (LOL SMH) I was going to stuff it like I do all of my buns with some synthetic hair. Which would have worked just as fine but this little handy “tool” worked even better and cut down the time! It’s cute and using it just gave me some more ideas of what I could do with it later (another blog for future post). It comes in black and nude color to match the color of the hair. All you have to do is place the hair into a pony tail and slip the ring around the pony tail and take the hair and smooth it over the ring. Secure the bun into place with hair pins. It’s quick and easy and forms a very cute bun! Great for protecting the ends of the hair!
This is the bun that I did for my client. This is acutally a Quick weave believe it or not using the same method with the Glue Free Quick Weave Product.
Up can see the closure
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>HPOW: Design Essentials High Gloss Setting Lotion

>Hello Bloggers! I would like to first welcome my new followers! Welcome! This weeks Hair Product of the week is another introduction and a review in one. I mentioned last week that I purchased the Design Essentials Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion along with the Sleek Edges gel. Which I love! It kind of smells like raspberries (yumms, for those that don’t know I love smell good products. If it stinks..I’m not going to use it). The Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion is a part of the new Design Essentials home styling product line which was introduced last month.Check out the stats on the Setting Lotion.

Detail is a ready use setting lotion that provides a medium hold and leaves hair with volume and movement. This moisturizing setting lotion contains panthenol and coconut extracts that leave hair conditioned and soft with a high gloss finish. 
I must say that this is different from the Masterpiece Concentrated Setting Lotion. I’m used to using that setting lotion and I’ve gotten used to the smell of that particular setting lotion. I honestly would prefer the Masterpiece because of the smell. I don’t really know about the smell of the Detail as of yet. It’s kind of a has a different smell to it. The product does however works just as good as the Masterpiece Setting lotion. Everyone knows how I am…because I purchased it I’m going to use it. Unless I see some major changes in my hair which I doubt that will happen.
The importance of using a setting lotion: Using a Setting lotion (usually called lotta body) is not only for roller sets or wet styling but also good for detangling the hair and making it more easy to manage as opposed to just combing the hair with no type of wet styling agent. It’s better in my opinion for detangling than that of mousse or styling foam.  Using a setting lotion will make the hair feel softer, give it a sheen, and easier to manage. Never use too much because it will make the hair harder to manage when dry. When it comes to mixing up a setting lotion at home you want to use a 2:1 ratio unless you are doing roller sets or curls using maybe flexi rods or perm rods; then use equal parts 2:2 (that’s two parts water and one part setting lotion and/or two parts setting lotion and two parts water) the more setting lotion  you add to the mixture the longer the curls will last as well as the harder they will be ( you don’t want to over do it). Great to use on all hair types and textures.
You can buy setting lotion already pre-mixed at the BSS or your local retailer like Wal-mart or Target and of course Sally’s but I love the Masterpiece Setting lotion by Design Essentials and I’m working the Detail into my family of products.  This product is going for $7.00 on the Design Essentials Website. Check it out!
I am not an affiliate or a representative for Design Essentials I am a Fan of the Products as well as a loyal customer.

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>Instant Extensions: Creating your very own clip-in Extensions


Hello Blog Lovers! Today I wanted to share with you guys a thrifty way to make your own clip extensions. I just made some myself and I love them! My sister who is a youtube junkie is always watching these videos and she recycled some of her Remy hair from a sew-in that I did for her and made some clip-ins and it was very cute and natural looking so I was like well let me make some myself.  Here is what you need.
  • Some quality human hair. It doesn’t have to be something expensive like Remy hair or Indian hair, just something that’s top quality and good for it’s price. You want to get something that will give you bang for your buck! I used Enstyle Micro Perm Yaki Human Hair. I love this hair! It’s great!! It doesn’t tangle or shed which is perfect for what I want. I only paid $30.00 per pack.
  • Some upholstery thread. I used this thread because it’s heavier and won’t easily break under pressure.
  • The Clip-In Clips that have the rubber backing that snaps open and close.
  • A small Sewing needle.
The snap clips were $1.99 a pack and I purchased 5 packs. There are three in a pack. I made two small pieces to fit the back of my head and I made two large pieces to fit from temple to temple. I made three pieces which were as wide as the clip for the sides of my hair.  Check out my Youtube Channel to see the tutorial.
No Make-up!! 😦 Long day! Giggles!
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>What’s the Deal? Are Silicones Good or Bad for your hair??


Hello Blog Lovers! During the short life of my blog and youtube channel, I’m always hearing new information that I’ve never heard before or theories that seem to be correct and some that seem to be a little far fetched. I’ve always been the type to dig deeper whenever I hear something that’s new to me. So amongst all of the things that I’ve heard I’ve only discussed  a few starting with my thoughts on Co-washing which stirred up a lot of controversy; the next was the theory about sulfate based shampoos and recently the theory  that relaxers contain Sodium Hydroxide along with No-lye relaxers are harsher than lye relaxers, so the next thing on my list of things to research was the Silicone theory. That theory is that silicone’s are bad for the hair and keep your hair from getting moisture. In the past I’ve used products that seemed to leave what felt like a “waxy film” on my hair but I never knew exactly what it was that was doing it so of course I didn’t like it so I stopped using it. Recently when I used my Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum and it did the same thing, I noticed that it contained Silicone’s. I didn’t notice it at first until I obviously applied more than what the directions suggested (Always follow directions). It said to use a dime size and I think I just got excited that particular day, my hair was no where being as damp as it usually is when I use it. I was fresh out of the shower which was my fault. So after I dried my hair I noticed that my hair felt “waxy” so I looked at the bottle and I saw that it contained silicone’s so I knew that was the “waxy film.” I knew I used to much but I didn’t bother to wash my hair again I just moistureized and went from there. I know someone is screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!!! but I did. It wasn’t that I was afraid of what  was going to happen I just knew better to not do it again. Have I done away with my Skinny Serum?? No I haven’t and I don’t intend to. Before the excessive application I loved the product! I loved that my hair felt soft and shiny.

So what is a silicone and what does it do to your hair? Well the theory is as stated before that a silicone based product locks out moisture from the hair and keeps you from putting moisture into the hair. I was watching Kim on Youtube. Kimmaytube is the name of her channel. She was saying that Silicones mannually close the hair cuticle of the hair shaft which is true and they were not necessarily bad for the hair but she was neither pro silicone or anti silicone. So….What is a Silicone??? A silicone is a inert compound meaning it doesn’t react easily with other compounds. Even thou it’s been stated that silicones lock out moisture they are used to protect the hair from heat damage, sunlight exposure, and to retain moisture in hair. A silicone prevents what’s put in your hair from going out and to keep what’s outside from going in. Silicones actually protect the hair. The molecules of the silicones are too large to be absorbed into the hair shaft which allows them to  provide a protective coating. Silicones are great for making the hair resistant from outside influences (sun UV rays and heat damage).  Here are the Benefits of using products that contain silicones: Adds shine, adds softness, reduces frizz, heat protectant, helps with detangling the hair, protects hair from UV rays, Retains moisture, Provides strengthing properties for the hair, and aids in color retention.  Silicones are usually found in conditioners and hair serums.

Through my research I found that they are very useful for ethnic hair care products and are designed for weakened or damaged hair. The silicones offer a conditioning effect to the hair. Silicones can enhance hair strengthening making the hair less prone to damage and breakage. Because Silicones have a good thermodynamic property they can help to maintain the moisture of the hair.  It’s kind of like putting a sealant on your hair shaft to keep everthing that you’ve put in your hair from conditioners and keep it in there and to keep harmful things from the environment and heat styling products out of the hair shaft to keep it from being damaged and dried out. I would suggest finding a product that has a silicone in it and figuring out what works best for your hair and to not just clear your hair cabinet out because of what you may have heard. I’m researching everything that I hear and I think that everyone should with a fine tooth comb. I guess you can think of a silicone like this…The hair contains water so think of your hair strand as water bottle and cover it with silicone…that silicone is going to keep the water and nutrients in the hair and keep everything else out. I would also suggest to not over use your silicone based products because too much will make the hair feel “waxy” or “weighted down.” Through my experience with just  using my SSS (super skinny serum) I’ve never felt that my hair was dry two or three days later, it always felt soft and I loved that. I wash my hair once a week so I don’t have that problem. I’m also sure that’s another reason why sulfate based shampoos were created to break though dirt, oils, and build up. Like I always say use everything that contains chemicals (all hair products are chemically based) with care and to not over do it.

Hair exposed to UV sun rays with no silicone protection. (Click on images to make them larger)

Hair before it’s been shampooed using a silicone based treatement on the hair. (click on images to make them larger)

(The last three images were re-created in photoshop using charts and graphs from Dow Corning, Seneffe Belgium). Click on them to make them larger.
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>Thanks Glamourlicious!!


I just wanted to say Thanks you to  BrownSugarBabe for sending my goodies. I got them yesterday. I entered her contest and won the first place prize.  My Camera on my phone kinda sucks…so hopefully you guys can see what I got clearly I will be making a youtube video later on this week so you can really see what the deal is…I Love them all and I can’t wait to wear them!
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>HTOW: Razor Comb


This weeks Hair tool of the week is the Razor Comb. My razor comb is one of my staple hair tools because it’s great for creating hair cuts without having the straight edges/blunt edges. It’s great for giving the “natural appearance” to hair cuts. Using a razor comb will add texture and definition to the hair cut and make a ordinary hair cut more than ordinary. If you don’t know how to really create layers you can take razor comb and  just run through the hair and create layers and remove bulk from your hair. You can take more off than you wish so always use with caution. 

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