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>Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer Review and How I apply my relaxer


Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to share this with you guys especially for my relaxed ladies. I just relaxed my hair on Tuesday of this week and I purchased the Dark and Lovely Moisturizing Relaxer. I know everyone has seen the commercial on T.V. by now, but the reason why I tried this one this time is because of course they didn’t have the one I always get and my sister said it was great! So I self-relaxed which I just recently started do this, I used to get my mother to do it because it’s hard to see the back of your head to make sure you’re not applying too much relaxer to the hair shaft below the new growth (which is a no-no). I’ve gotten better and I’ve never had to worry about any spots that were not relaxed well. I used the regular strength (remember choose the strength according to your hair texture (Fine, Normal, Medium, Thick)(Click Here). It comes with the normal things included in the relaxer kit, gloves, mixing spatula, activator(2), neutralizing shampoo, and the moisture seal with shea butter conditioner. As always it’s two applications in the one little jar. So I proceeded to do what I normally do when I relax my hair:
  1. Detangle my hair if necessary with a wide tooth comb (never comb too hard before a relaxer it can cause scalp irritation
  2. Part my hair in four sections with a rat tail comb and clip my sections with a butterfly clip
  3. Base my scalp with a protective cream (in between the parted sections and around the perimeter of my head, I only base all over if I have scratching a little, if I scratch too much I just wait). This relaxer was missing the protective cream good thing I had some on hand. (I guess that’s a con>>No Protective Cream included!)
  4. I divided the relaxer in half and re-caped the unused portion so I can use it the next time I relax my hair
  5. I mixed the activator and relaxer together (It usually changes in consistency from thick to creamy)
  6. I start in the back of my head on either side which ever I choose (left or right ) I apply the relaxer at the nape of my neck and work my way up to the crown in that section (you can outline that sections perimeter to make sure all areas are covered first<
  7. I then proceed to go to front two sections  starting on the same side that I started in the back (because I will go in that order around my head to smooth it out). I outline the perimeter of my section and proceed from there to make subsections. I repeat the same steps on the other side of my head. (I usually do this pretty fast as far as applying the relaxer with my applicator brush, because if you work efficiently and fast while applying the relaxer the processing time will be shortened and you will still have a good relaxed head of hair).
  8. I take my rat tail comb and I start to smooth my sections down to my head (starting in the back where I applied the relaxer first). I take the back of the comb and smooth the nape of the neck upward and then proceed to part the hair into subsections being careful not to touch the scalp. As I part the hair into subsections I comb a little to make sure I get all the “curly hair” straight and then smooth. I repeat these steps working my way around the head. 
  9. By this time the relaxer has be combed through at least one time (two times if necessary) and I let it sit for about 5 minutes. I rinse it all out and then proceed to shampoo my hair with the neutralizing shampoo.
  10. After I finish shampooing I used the conditioner in the box (which it’s typically a leave in conditioner which I never use but this particular relaxer came with one that required you to leave it on and rinse it out (kind of like a mini deep conditioner)
  11. Rinse out conditioner and detangle with my HCO leave Conditioner by Design Essentials (Check out Review Here) , Style as usual.
Will I buy this product again?? Yes I will buy this product again. It delivered what it promised my hair is soft, shiny, and straight.
 Overall I give the New and Improved Dark and Lovey Hair Relaxer with Moisture Seal: 5 stars
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>Six Flags denies Jobs to two Women because of their Natural Hairstyle


Happy Hump Day Blog Lovers!!! Whew the week is almost up…So I just signed into my twitter and I saw a RT about this latest headline and I had to check it out. I couldn’t believe that this actually happened and that it’s something that just took place in 2010!! I think that this is getting out of hand and it just shows that ignorance spreads like wildfire. Why is it such a big deal the way people choose to wear their hair? I think that hair is an accessory and because it is, you should wear it like you want to wear it and you shouldn’t be judged or discriminated against because of it. When is the day going to come where your hair is the last thing that concerns people. In 2010 not only is hair a form of expression but it shows individuality. Celebs are shaving half of their heads, going bald, and tattooing their scalps but they aren’t being treated less than an a human being because they chose to do that to their head. These two women have been denied jobs at Six Flags because they have chosen to wear their natural hair in dreads. I personally think that dreads are beautiful and they are a very strong form of individual artistic expression.I’ve even seen a Caucasian Woman on Vacation in Fl with the most beautiful dreads I couldn’t believe it and she was beautiful. According to Six Flags they have a conservative grooming policy that doesn’t allow certain hair styles. According to ABC news Six Flags issued this statement:
“Six Flags enforces a conservative grooming policy across all parks. The policy does not permit certain hairstyles such as variations in hair colors, dreadlocks, partially shaved heads, tails, and hairstyles that impair vision. Braided hair is allowed but must be in neat, even rows and without beads or other ornaments.” (source)
First of all you mean to tell me I can’t wear individuals in my hair they have to be in cornrows?? That’s absurd. Now if you ask me who mainly fits into that category??? That’s ridiculous it’s a freaking Theme Park where you’re supposed to have fun and enjoy yourself and I don’t know why it’s part of the policy when I go to six flags (doubt if I’ll go back) I’m not thinking about what the person working behind the scenes is doing or looking like..can you just give me what I need and make sure I’m safe so I don’t fall to my untimely death in this roller coaster seat! 
I think it’s ridiculous and it’s a shame that out of all these people who are out of jobs and have good work records and are capable of doing hard honest work can’t get the job because of the way their hair looks. Black is beautiful, Hair is Beautiful and it shouldn’t be the overall determining factor of a person’s personality or persona. I hate to hear the comments that I hear when it comes to hair..Stop judging people and start judging yourself. When is the day going to come where we are going to accept the extreme and step away from what’s the norm and safe?? In 2025 when I’m 38 and my kids are growing up where extreme will be what’s in?? Get it together Six Flags!!What happened to Equal Opportunity Employment??
Check out the (Source) of where I read this article and watch the video.

This is a pic I took of a lady from behind because I didn’t want her to think I was crazy but her dreds were beautiful on her I had to get a pic from behind. We were going to the Black Mumba the deadliest snake in the world!

>Miss Nic Answers Questions Part 2: Tips for Cutting your Hair


Hello Blog Lovers! This blog post if for Ms. Toya. She’s one of my blog followers and she asked if I had any tips for short hair, because she was considering cutting her hair.  When it comes to cutting your hair the first time for anyone there are five key things that you should keep in mind, because once you cut it…it’s gone forever! Well, at least until it grows back. Giggles.
  1. Find a stylist or make sure that your regular stylist has a strong hair cutting background. You don’t want to just get any one with a license to cut your hair for the first time. Becoming a great hair cutter takes time, skill, and practice. Even though I feel good with a pair of scissors, I’m not like Dr. Boogie from Shear Genius who can work a pair of clippers and turn your hair from shab to fab in 10 minutes. #imjustsayin (meaning I’m not 1000 % confident with my scissors:))).
  2. Communicate with your stylist what you are desiring for your hair cut. We all know at least one stylist who gave you a real extreme “hack-job” and all you asked for was a trim. Make sure that you know what you want and that they know what you want.
  3. Don’t choose to go drastically short the first time for your hair cut. I would suggest if your hair is arm pit length go shoulder or neck length for your first hair cut if it’s your first time. Don’t get the Halle Berry if you’re used to hair all the way down your back and I would also suggest that you keep it long enough to be able to wear weaves if you desire to wear it long especially in the winter time when it’s cold. 
  4. Keep in mind your hair density and hair texture:  These two things will play a major role and factor in your hair cut.
  5. Choose a Hair cut that fits your Facial Shape.
  • Round Facial Shape: You should choose a hair cut that will give you less volume around the face to minimize the roundness of your face. Look for hair cuts that fall below the chin and are cut for a soft graduated layered hair style. This will allow the face to appear slimmer and remove bulk and weight from the sides of the hair. If you choose to wear bangs leave them long and side swept. AVOID: one length blunt hair cuts.

    Square Facial Shape: You should choose a hair cut that will down play your strong angular jaw line. Try to find a hair cut that will allow texture in the form of curls and choppy ends, short spikey cuts, and/or long sleek styles with layers that start at your jawline. AVOID: one length bobs and blunt bangs. This will only make your face appear more square.

  • Oval Facial Shape: This is the most versatile facial shape because you can wear just about any hair cut and it won’t look bad on you. Think about your best facial feature and choose a hair cut that will accentuate that feature. If you have a great bone structure choose an angular bob that will show off your chin. If you have gorgeous eyes go for the blunt side swept bangs. AVOID: Short layers that will add height to the top of your head and make your face appear long. Hair that is thick or curly should avoid a blunt cut.
  • Long or Oblong Facial Shape: You want to choose brow-skimming bangs if your want to go for the bangs, chin-length bobs, and shoulder length bobs.

    Heart Shaped Facial Shape: Your chin is the main focal point for this particular facial shape. You should draw attention to you eyes and cheek bones and if you choose to cut your hair you should keep the top layers of your hair soft and long.

    >HTOW: Marcel Irons

    >The Hair Tool of the Week is the Marcel Iron. These heat styling tools are also called the beveling iron because back in the day (in my Erykah Badu voice) when it was a fashion trend these tools were used to create bevel strips, freeze curls, and/or “waterfalls” in the hair. The reason why I’m discussing this heat styling tool in depth is because my cousin wanted to know the difference between the two types. There are two types of Marcel Irons and they are the electric kind (similar to a hot curler) and the stove kind (similar to the hot comb<

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    >HPOW: Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner


    Hello Blog Lovers!!! This weeks Hair Product of the Week is a combo deal..I just felt that you couldn’t discuss one without the other so I’m going to discuss both of these awesome products. As you already know I’m using their heat protectant spray and I also purchased the glossing polish (which I haven’t used yet) but I’ve had the privilege to use the shampoos and deep conditioners as well. I love, love , LOVE the Cholesterol Deep Conditioner and it’s time to re-up; but what I love about this product line is not just the awesome smell but it actually shows and gives results. The luxury moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are great for damaged and chemically treated hair. While I was using this product I noticed that my hair fall (it wasn’t excessive breakage or coming out in clumps) due to my permanent color treated hair had decreased and it left my hair soft and shiny. Out of all the moisturizing shampoos and moisturizing conditioners I would have to say that this is by far the best in my book (for at home use). Like I stated before I am a product junkie and I love a lot of products and I use them all but for at home use for dry damaged chemically treated hair this one overall is the best. Check out the stats on both of these products:
    Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo:
    Infused with Silk Protein, Aloe Vera, Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5, and Moisturizers, which helps to rehydrate, repair, and restore dry damaged or chemically treated hair, while providing a gentle cleansing action.
    Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Conditioner:
    Is a deep penetrating, re-hydrating, conditioning treatment designed to rebuild dry damage hair and is fortified with Silk Protein, Aloe Vera, Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5, and Moisturizers which are used to help restore elasticity, add body, shine and manageability with out weighing the hair down.
    Now…after I finish my Doo Gro Challenge which I’m almost finished…I will be switching back to my silk elements shampoos and conditioners for my at home use. I’m keeping the anti-itch Doo Gro Shampoo because that stuff is great on my scalp!
    Here are some of my other Favorite Silk Elements Products:
    • Mega silk Moisturizing Treatment
    • Mega Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment
    • Heat Protectant Spray
    • Mega silk Olive Moisturizing Treatment (has olive oil in the conditioner)
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    >Beauty Product Review: Wet and Wild Eyemake up Remover


    Hello Blog Lovers! I just wanted to give my personal review on this eye make-up remover that I purchased last week. I was in desperate need of an eye make-up remover but I didn’t have access to my personal Mary-K rep because truth be told..I feel that the Mary-K eye make up remover is the TRUTH!!! I also didn’t want to pay the high price for it either (I’m on a budget right now). So when I visited Walgreens I started looking for some because I was already there to purchase some new foundation. SN: The thing I love about Walgreens is that they always have my foundation color..Wal-mart never has it!! 😦 and of course it’s more in Walgreens than Wal-mart but it’s worth it!  Anywho, back to what I was saying because I was on a hunt to find some eye make-up remover I chose this one because it was cheaper than the other brand. I love Wet and Wild eyeshadows and eye pencils so I decided to give this a try.
    My personal thoughts: 
    Pros: It does remove the eye-make up. It’s not oil based (like Mary-K) so it takes a few more seconds to remove the liquid waterproof eye liner 😦 but overall it removes the eye make-up well. It has aloe in it and it doesn’t have a loud smell. It’s a clear liquid all though it look purple. It’s just the bottle. Great Product for the price. It was a $1.99.

    Cons: It kind of gives off a cool-stinging sensation which had me concern that I may go blind. LOL I haven’t heard anything about someone going blind but the sensation caught me off guard a little because I’m used to just doing one swipe and I guess that’s the luxury of buying Mary-K. It’s water based. (I didn’t really think about that until after I used it<

    Will I buy this product again?? I will not buy this eye make-up remover again simply because it doesn’t remove my eyeliner well without having to do extra rubbing (after a while, rubbing becomes a little too much for my eyes) and I don’t really like the “cool-stinging sensation”. Since I don’t believe in wasting money (even thou it was 2 bucks) I’m going to use it until I purchase something else.

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    >Hair Tool Focus: Hair Brushes


    Hello Blog Lovers!!! As I said yesterday with the hair tool of the week I  would be discussing the different types of hair brushes and their uses. There are so many different types of hair brushes and they all have different styling functions and purposes. Choosing the correct hair brush will make at home styling easier and will allow you to create different hair styles.
    The Paddle Brush: This brush is not to be confused with cushion brush. Although they both look similar they are different. The paddle brush is flat and wide and square in shape and is best for brushing our long hair and creating straight styles as well as smooth styles. I use this for dry wrapping the hair after a roller set. This brush  would not be good to style hair that is in layers because it won’t add volume to the hair. The bristles of this brush has round ball tipped ends which are great for creating a “scalp massage” affect while brushing.

    The Cushion Brush: This brush as stated before looks similar to the paddle brush. This brush is flat ans round in shape and has a cushion base that retracts. This brush is best used for the box-shaped bob, and a graduated hair cut. I also use this brush for dry wrapping the hair because it also creates a smooth sleek finish to the wrap. This brush will also create the “scalp massage” affect while brushing.
    Sculpting Brushes: This brush is great for back combing and will add volume to short, textured hair styles.
    Thermal Round Brush: These brushes are available in different sizes ranging from small to jumbo in size. The smaller the brush the more of a curl you can create with the assistance of a blow dryer. The larger brushes are used to smooth out the hair and add volume while using a blow dryer. The reason why this happens is that when you use the blow dryer the core of the brush which is metal heats up and shapes the hair from the inside out which allows you to create curls, movement, and sleek smooth styles.  Your hair length will determine which brush size to use.
    Thermal Flat Brush: When you use this brush with a blow dryer it acts like a flat iron. The heat from the dryer straightens out the hair and gives it a smooth finish. Again its the metal base that allows this to happen.
    Vent Brush: A vent brush is good for blow drying the hair, brushing out curls from a roller set, or detangle dry hair.  Although it won’t get the hair as straight, smooth, and shiny as the Thermal Flat Brush it will allow you to speed up your drying time because it is vented as well as straighten the hair out. 
    Boar Bristle Brush: The Hair tool of the week will allow you to smooth edges, add waves to short hair cuts, and remove dirt and debris from the hair.
    How to Brush the Hair
    • Always brush the hair in the direction of hair growth never go against your natural hair growth. This will alleviate you from hair breakage or tangles in the hair.
    • Never brush wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair instead.
    • When using a brush to aid in heat styling the hair with a  dryer hold the hair taut to create tension. This will allow you to straighten the hair as well as add shine to the hair at the same time.
    • When trying to detangle the hair (dry hair) hold the hair in your hands while brushing this will eliminate major stress to the hair. Always start at the nape of your hair working your way up to the front of the head. 
    • Always clean your brushes on a regular basis the natural hair shedding and scalp debris along with oils will build up on the brush and take away from the performance.(Be on the look out for Cleaning your Hair tools)

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