>Hair Product of the Week (HPOW)


Hello Blog lovers!!! This weeks hair product of the week is the Silk Elements  Mega Silk Heat Protection Spray. I just did a mini Haul for some hair products today and this was one of the products tat I purchased. I’ve been told that this product is a really good heat protectant. I saw it and I purchased a bottle I was a little undecided between the spray and the polish because they are both heat protectants. 
The Heat protectant spray help to protect the hair from heat damage as well as provides a luxurious shine. You can spray this on damp hair before drying or spray before using any type of heat styling tool.
I would recommend the Silk Elements line highly to any one who is experiencing shedding or breakage. I love it! The conditioners are great along with the shampoo and I can witness that these products will leave your hair soft as silk and they smell GREAT!!!
I will be doing a product review on this product and the others that I purchased on today!

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