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>Dsquared Spring RTW 2010 Fashion Show


Okay I just had to share this for my fashion lovers. I was browsing and I was looking at the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shows and I just had to check up on my favs.  I love a lot of designers but I absolutely  love Dsquared the twin designers on Bravo’s Launch my Line. I’ve followed their work for some time now and they are a true inspiration. Their fashion shows are everything but boring and they hold your attention with their fashion shows, music, and the very hawte designs. Not to mention that the models are rocking the side braid! Just looking at the show just makes me want to go camping!!! Here are some of my favorite looks as well as the show itself!
I ♥’z it! Check it out!

>Miss Nic’s Lip Balms Favs for winter


Hello Bloggers! I appologize for the delay but I’ve just wanted to touch on my favorite thing which is lip balms, jellies, and glosses and some that I have found over time at a great price and are great for this wretched winter weather. I’ve never really left home without my lip gloss it’s a necessity along with my cell phone…without them I feel naked!!! I remember being in middle school and discovering my favorite lip gloss brand which was lip smackers. To this day I still love lip smackers however I have discovered some new lip candies and I love them and if you don’t have them already you should definately try them. I’m not a fan of color on my lips  unless it’s a special occasion and it’s not going to be a very loud color, I like to keep it light and neutral because my lips are so full. That may not be a valid reason but that’s just my preference. So for all of you that love lipsticks and colors, I ran across this article in Cosmo that was discussing lipsticks that stay on and hydrate which is good for the winter.

I ran across these lip balms by L’Oreal High Intensity Pigment (HIP) jelly balms. I love it! At first I was skeptical because of the color of the lip balms and they are available in reds, oranges, and pink colors but the color came out to be transparent on my lips. I put this on my lips and it gives it the added shine that I want as well as protection from the cold harsh winds that blow during the day. You can purchase these online or even at the drug store, wal-mart, or target. If I remember correctly they are under 10.00. They last for a long time which is always good.
I just discovered my new love for Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Red delicious. I love the shine that it gives and the taste is just as good as well. I love flavored lip glosses. It contains mineral oil which is great for dry lips and to keep them protected from the weather.
I also love the In Color by Jordana Squeeze and Shine Lip gloss. You can find these at Walgreen’s for $1.99 at the cosmetic counter. I was just trying to get something new and there it was staring me in my face. So I picked up several tubes and I love it. It gives great shine and has great flavor. It leaves a nude look to the lips depending on the shade which I love.
Out of the many lip balms, jellies, and glosses that I have found or tried these are my top three pics. They aren’t tacky and they keep my lips just like I like them.
For all of my Lipstick lovers….Giorgio Armani has a lipstick that is long lasting for 8 hours and keeps the lips hydrated for 6 hours. It’s called the Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lipstick and it’s only $30.00.

>Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2010

>It’s about that time again folks…It’s Show Time!!! February 20-23 2010 Bronner Brothers will be hosting the biggest hair show in Atlanta that comes twice a year. I don’t know about you guys but I plan on being there!!! I will be taking pictures this time. The last time I attended the show which was my first time going period, I didn’t get the chance to take pictures. Tickets are on sale now prices will go up after February 1, 2010.

You can find show information and ticket details at this website.

>Keeping it Simple in 2010 (Applying the K.I.S.S. Method)


First off the K.I.S.S. Method has always stuck with me since the 6th grade. Shouts out to Mr. Bates my 6th grade teacher who told all of us to Keep it simple stupid when it came to our Arithmetic and learning our division but on to the real meaning of this blog post. 
I just wanted to share with you guys that this year in 2010 I wanted to keep my makeup simple. I’m all for the full blown made up eyes but sometimes less is more. I’m not knocking anyone who desires to wear full made up eyes. I just wanted to go a simpler route this year. Not really sure how long it’s going to last but it’s just something that I thought would work for me and for those who don’t wish to wear full made up faces all the time.
I use two different foundations on my face. I have the Maybeline Dream Matte Mouse foundation in a number 2. I thought originally it was my shade but it wasn’t so instead of trashing it I just use it to even out all of uneven spots in my face. I rub it on my full eye, top of the lid and underneath to make my eyes stand out. It’s a great concealer, and will be great for hiding those hairs that you haven’t removed from you eyebrows between shape-ups. I then used Maybeline  Dream Liquid Mousse air brush finish liquid foundation in a number 3 when I say that I love this product I ♥♥’z it!! It gives my face a very smooth finish. I used an eyebrow pencil for my eyebrows Wild and Crazy in Chocolate Fudge. I followed all of the steps in  Fabulous Eyebrows: How to fill in your eyebrows << Check it out. I use liquid eyeliner that I purchased from the beauty supply store and I lined the top lid of my eye only. I put on mascara (Maybelline Great Lash in the Pink and Green tube..I don’t know why but this is the best mascara ever to me. I’ve tried others but this one is by far the best). I always apply mascara to my eyelashes as opposed to my band lashes, that way I can reuse them. I then used a angle brush (an applicator brush will work as well) to apply the shadow  (wild and crazy silver eyeshadow;3149 Echo) to  my lower lid. Any color shadow that you choose is fine. After this is done I applied my lashes. I usually go back with my Maybeline Matte Mouse and clean up any loose powder. I apply a little bit of concealer as well to make sure my eyes stand out.
The eyelashes that I purchased are found at  the hair store.  I love the lashes in the blue case that are like $1.99 The ones that I am wearing is the #80. I love them! They are black, full, and long!

Excuse the hair but I usually style my hair after I do my make-up. Giggles.
That’s more like it!
You can find these products at your local shopping stores like Wal-mart and Target or even at the beauty supply stores or even online at :
***Note the lashes are just an example of what they actually look like. The lashes that I purchased are made of 100% Human Hair and the lashes pictured above are synthetic.  ***
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>Miss Nic’s Winter Hair Regimen


I know that it’s been a very long cold harsh winter, a winter that has been up and down as far as the weather was concerned. We have had out warm days, cool days, and freezing icy days. I know that during the winter time I have to amp up my hair regimen and do a little bit more extra hair care to get the job done. I’ve notice since I could remember maybe high school when my hair was down my back that during the summer my hair was different than it was in the winter time. During the winter months I notice that I have a lot more breakage than during the summer months. I also notice that my hair doesn’t do what I want it to do during the summer months due to the humidity and I also notice that my hair seems to be a little bit more dryer. I just wanted to share with you guys some of the things that I am doing to help keep my hair as strong as possible during the winter months to help alleviate dryness, breakage, as well as itchy scalp..because I’ve noticed this winter that my scalp is tad bit more itchier than normal. UGH!!
Since I was in high-school I’ve always used Dudley Products. SHOUTS OUT TO DUDLEY!!! Whoo hoo..I loved it but now due to a change with distributions and things of that nature I am using Design Essentials which I now love just as much as Dudley Products. Here is a list of Products that I love by them that I use on a regular basis and what they do and how I use them. I will also share with you some items that you can buy in the beauty supply store as well as you regular super market.
Organic Cleanse
Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo is filled with natural, organic ingredients that penetrate deep within the hair shaft to completely cleanse the hair of any impurities without stripping it of its natural moisturizers. The result is clean, healthy hair with increased volume and manageability
I love the smell. I use this first for my first inital shampoo.
Moisture Retention
Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo is gentle enough to use every day. Moisture Retention’s non-stripping formula with cationic conditioners lathers quickly to detangle and smooth the cuticles leaving your hair feeling soft, silky and full of body. Great for Dull dry brittle hair or for breakage.
If I don’t use the Organic Cleanse I will use this one in it’s place. I love the smell.
Therapeutic RX Anti-Itch Shampoo
Helps control flaking caused by scalp conditions such as Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis. This advanced formula gently cleanses and relieves the scalp of itching and dryness while retaining the hair’s natural moisture balance.
I use this for my last two shampoos and let it sit to help with my itchy scalp.
6-N-1 Reconstructive Conditioner
6-N-1 Reconstructive Conditioner is a unique high performance formula developed to moisturize and reconstruct chemically processed or damaged hair. Natural oils, proteins and humectants perform synergistically to discontinue hair breakage and fill broken fibers. It can be used with or without heat depending on the condition of the hair.
When I say I love this conditioner..I Mean it! I usually leave this on for about 30 minutes to an hr because I don’t have a hooded dryer for my place yet. It’s great it leaves the hair soft and the smell stays on the hair for a week which I love that! I usually use this as my conditioner and then I follow it with the HCO
HCO Leave in Conditioner and Blow Drying Lotion
HCO Leave In Conditioner is an intercellular treatment, which acts as a conditioner as well as a blow-drying agent. It quickly penetrates deep within the hair shaft to replenish needed proteins. Thus leaving the hair soft, manageable and full of body.
After I rinse out my conditioner, I spray this on my hair and then I blow dry my hair. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and bouncy and I love it.
Silk Essentials
Healthy, shiny and silky hair is an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle today. DESIGN ESSENTIALS compliments this desire by providing hair with moisture binding 100% silk that improves the feel, gloss and manageability of hair instantly. Enriched with natural organic silk, Silk Essentials contains 17 simple amino acids that easily penetrates the cuticle, immediately strengthens, bonds and mends hair cross links from the inside out permanently. Silk Essentials is smooth, aromatic in fragrance and a sensory delight to touch.
I love this product! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It keeps my hair smooth and soft. I place about a pea size in my hair after I have blow dried it and I emulsify it (thin it out in my hand) and I rub it on my hair from root to end. Like on the third or fourth day of the week I will use a little bit on my hair before I flat iron it again. I usually flat iron my hair and then wrap it at night so I don’t have to flat iron it daily. Too much heat on the hair is not good especially when it’s already dry from the winter weather.
I use these products more frequently than others. My mother is a Master Cosmetologist so I kind of fill up my small bottles with these products to use at home..Sorry Moms 🙂  when I’m not getting my hair styled at her salon.
 You can find all of this and more at
They have tons of great stuff and product packages online for different hair problems and textures.
Other products that I have at home that I use
Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Breakage Defense Shampoo 

See up to 90% less breakage in one month*
Pantene Relaxed & Natural’s Breakage Defense System with Multi-Pro-vitamin Complex is designed especially for women of color to help strengthen and shield hair against future damage, so you can see up to 90% less breakage in one month.* Use this gentle-cleansing shampoo with Relaxed & Natural Breakage Defense Conditioner to help:
  • Strengthen each hair strand from root to tip for dramatically less shedding due to breakage*
  • Shield each hair strand from future damage
I bought this when I was away from home and in school to use on my hair and I loved it. You can get this at Wal-mart or Target for little of nothing.
Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defense Shampoo
Conditions hair to help prevent breakage
Pantene Relaxed & Natural’s Breakage Defense System with Multi-Pro-vitamin Complex is designed especially for women of color to help strengthen and shield hair against future damage, so you can see up to 90% less breakage in one month.* Use this replenishing conditioner with Relaxed & Natural Breakage Defense Shampoo to help:
  • Strengthen each hair strand from root to tip for dramatically less shedding due to breakage*
  • Shield each hair strand from future damage
  • Infuse each strand with incredible shine
  You can find this and more at: and any local store.
Silk Elements 
Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner leave the hair really soft and resilient 
Silk Elements Mega Silk  Moisturizing Conditioner
Great for Deep Conditioning the hair. I ♥’z it!
Silk Elements Mega Silk Moisturizing Treatment
I usually alternate this with the cholesterol to give the hair a little bit of a amplified boost I ♥ it!
Silk Element Mega Silk Cholesterol
I absolutely love this. Great for deep conditioning the hair!
You should try this whole line it’s Fantastic. You can find this online through the Google search or at your local Sally’s beauty supply store.
Strength of Nature: Profectiv
I first saw this product in Wal-mart and I just wanted to try a different moisturizer and conditioner just to give it try. Three products that I love by them and you should try would be the Mega Growth  Growth Lotion, Long-N-Healthy Anti breakage strengthening Moisturizer and the Break Free Leave in Conditioner.
MegaGrowth Anti-Breakage Strengthener Growth Lotion
Daily moisturizer that smooths and protects hair by guarding against heat styling damage, replenishing moisture and shine and restoring vital nutrients.
I use this on my hair when I flat iron it if my Silk Essentials by Design Essentials is unavailable. It’s also great for flat ironing hair extensions to give it an extra boost of sheen.
Profectiv Long -N- Healthy Anti-Breakage Mega Moisturizer.
I use this for flat ironing my hair as well. I love the smell.
Profectiv Break Free Leave in Conditioner
You can find this and more at:
Optimum Care by Soft Sheen Carson
I have had to try several dandruff shampoos because I haven’t found one that I like yet over the counter to use when I can’t get my hands on my Design Essentials Therapeutic Shampoo but I love this one.
Optimum Car Dandruff Solutions Moisture Rich Shampoo. 
It actually keeps my scalp from being itchy and also keeps it soft and not hard like some other dandruff shampoo. They have an entire product line for dandruff which I have yet to try but I will.
Anti-Breakage Therapy Moisture Replenish Cream Hair-dress 
I ♥♥♥ that product it smells great and it works!
I can’t help it I’m an honest Hair Product Junkie and I will admit I just bought four more products today to try and I will be sure to share the results after I am done. Trust and Believe I have tried plenty of different products but these are my favorites!
This is my hair length a year after High School I was 19 here
This is my hair about three months ago..My teacher Mrs Dee-Dee layered it for me. I’m 22 here… It’s at my shoulders here but it’s grown a little bit since then maybe an inch or so. I’ve cut my hair numerous of times since high school. I loved it long but I love it at this length too.
Thanks for reading tell a Friend!! Peace and Blessings ~♥Miss Nic♥~

>Nail Trends 2010

>If you’re like me a lover of fashion and beauty you love to get your nails primped and primed to look good. It’s nothing worse than having unrepresentable hands. You don’t necessarily have to have the tips or acrylics but there are few things to keep in mind this season for nail trends. I was reading my Black Hair Magazine foe the month of February and I noticed the article, along with several pictures from other magazines that had pictures of celebs sporting these nail trends.

Nail Arts will be big for this year. Try Adding rhinestones or Jewels to your manicure to give your nails that extra jazz. I was looking an issue of Jet Magazine and Alicia Keys was on the cover looking fabulous and I noticed her nails. They were very edgy and funky. A couple of years back I remember seeing Michelle from Destiny’s Child with full fledged rhinestone nails and they were hawte and funky.
We all know that the French Manicure is a classic and it will always be a classic. Wearing your French Manicure Modernly is what’s in for 2010. Instead of going for the pink and white traditional look try customizing the look with different colors and try different nail polish techniques.
I know last year a lot of people were sporting the dark hues of purple and gray, myself included and the funny thing is they are still in for this year, try going for shades that are dark along the colors of reds and browns that will add a sophisticated look. Shades that appear to be black on the surface but are not actually black are hawte!

>Prayers for Haiti: Help if you can


Miss Nic’s Elegant Edge is sending up prayers for the people of Haiti. Do your part and help by sending “Yele” to 501501 in the form of a text message which will donate $5 to Wyclef’s Organization to help with relief.  The Red Cross is also taking $10 donations! God Bless