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>What’s Hot and In for 2010


(Alexander Wang Side Braid)
I’m a fashion fiend as well as a beauty and hair fiend and I was doing a little web surfing and one of the things that I wanted to get info about was 2010 hair trends. I was visiting ELLE.COM and as some of you may or may not know, fashion is always going to preview itself one season ahead. Even though we are still in Fall/Winter 2009 Spring/Summer 2010 has already made its way to the runways. I found some really hawte chic looks that will not only make 2010 different from any other year but will also make it a year for pushing the limits.
The Side Braid

Spring 2010 Runway Hair styles ♥’z it
  This appears to be a Fish Tail Braid which is interesting and takes time and technique to achieve
Here are some other Funky Hawte Braided Hairstyles that I ran across
The Pig Tail
Which one do you like??
The Faux Bob
Now this look was on the runways for 2009 I guess it was liked by many that they just had to push it over into 2010
 This look can be achieved with hair pins and hairspray to give it a hold
  The High Bun
 I love this look considering the fact that I’ve worn my hair like this in years past. The pic on the right would make a hot wedding do’
The Flat Top
They have taken the high “Hump” which was made popular by Gwen Stefani and flattend it out for a more chic look
Remember this>>The hump and the pony tail<<< ♥’z it
Emo Color
I’m going to be perfectly honest and say that I didn’t know what Emo color was or the meaning behind it until now. I’ve always noticed the looks below on other people and celebs but I just associated the hair cut with a rocker mullet shag. Giggles. EMO is a reprensentaion of Rock culture and music. It is a acronym for emotional. Emo means emotional and sensitive. The Emo Hair Cut Called Scene Hair cuts has been said to be a 2010 trend as well. Emo Color is what’s hot and will be in for 2010. For us who wish not to die your hair you can buy colored hair pieces to fuse onto your hair or have added to your hair
The Scene Hair style- Short and Long (Shag meets the mullet)
The Bow

>2009’s Mane Attraction

>I have to give it up to Mrs. Rhianna for the Yeah 2009 for being a major trendsetter when it comes to fashion and hair. I look at her and I’m like so intrigued. When her album Good Girl Gone Bad dropped she brought a new feel to her music as well as her look. She’s been my favorite this year when it comes to fashion and hair. I give her the up-most respect for bouncing back from her situation and continuing to move forward because that’s what you have to do in hard times. Just check out her transition over the year of 2009 and I’m kind of excited because I just wondering what 2010 is going to be like for her.


>Favorite Runway Hair Styles of 2009


Hello Blog lovers. The close of the year will be here in 9 days and I wanted to re-cap some of my favorite 2009 runway hairstyles. Some are a little unique and out of the ordinary and some are something that you may possible see everyday. Check them out and leave a comment!
Reem Acra-a low side part with a side pony tail which was placed in a side bun

Chris Benz created a faux Bob look by curling the hair and using hair pins created a crop do’

Lacoste-Stylist Dennis Lanni created a simple look that can be achieved by using some holding spray and wrapping the hair around a curling iron to get soft flowing waves.

Behnaz Sarafpour- This look is where futuristic meets the past. It’s a high volume flat top with a french twist in the back. (Kind of what we know to be the tuck and french roll<

Phillip Lim-He used a Katie Holmes inspired look by creating a Edgy Retro Bob

Tory Burch- Redken Stylist Yannic D’ls created a tousled look

♥Odile Gilbert and Eva Scrivo for Catherin Malandrino- Created a very edgy look by making what I would call a barrel curl and placing them asymmetrically and covering them with net. I love it! ♥

♥Odile Gilbert for Zac Posen: He created a Romantic Meets Edgy look. ♥

I can’t wait to see what’s going to be hawte for Next Year 2010.

-Pictures -Style.Com

>Oh My Thinning Hair

>Hello my blog lovers. I wanted to touch on the subject of thinning hair. It’s an issue for most of us and it’s a concern for us all. Sometimes it’s a medical condition, hereditary issues, or over doing your daily hair regimen. Sometimes you will notice that one side of your hair is thinner on one side than the other and as I’ve stated before in a previous blog the side that’s appears to be the thinnest is usually the side that you sleep on. There are other factors that cause thinning hair and there are ways that you can stop it dead in it’s tracks before it gets way out of hand.

Over-Processed Chemical Treatments. For those of us that are addicted to the Creamy Crack (The Relaxer). It’s crucial that you don’t over process the hair. Leaving the relaxer for long periods of time will thin the hair out. Some relaxers don’t take long to process. If you are quick applying your relaxer (I usually apply and comb through within 10 to 15 minutes) application and comb through at least one time (I comb through for good measure) the hair is more than likely going to be straight enough and won’t need to be left on any longer. Make sure you follow all directions for your relaxer and make sure that you use the correct strength for your relaxer. I discussed this in the blog,  To Relax or Not to Relax that is the Question. If your hair is already damaged and breaking you should not apply a relaxer.
Styling your hair too tight. Too much pulling on the hair causes tension (hair loss) which is not good for the hair. When it comes to styles such as braids and weaves we tend to think the tighter the better but the tighter it is the more tension you will have as an end result. If you’re going to wear braided hair styles alternate and switch up styles in between to give your hair a break.

Incorrectly timing your color treatments. You have to treat any form of chemical processing the same. Just as relaxers you have an appropriate time for application and re-application. If you are applying color or re-applying color to the roots of the hair only. You want to make sure that you apply the color two weeks after a relaxer application or do it two weeks before a relaxer application. It’s also important that when you are retouching hair color that you just retouch the roots only unless you had improper color application the first time around. Even with that you need to be careful
Abusing your styling tools. When it comes to your styling tools you want to make sure that you are using the proper tools and that you are using them correctly. When it comes to heat styling your hair, first and foremost always use a heat protectant, make sure that you use the correct heat setting for your texture of hair as well as the condition of the hair. Do not use a high heat setting on thin hair or brittle hair. U should try to roller set your hair to alleviate the amount of heat styling that you do on a daily basis. The same thing applies to brushing your hair. Make sure that you use a paddle brush with rubber tips so you won’t damage the cuticle of your hair while brushing. If you just have to have a bristle brush for your edges find a soft bristle brush. Make sure that you use the right styling product on your hair as well. Use the right product for your hair type. Avoid products that contain alcohol because this will cause the hair to dry out.
Your Lifestyle. You are what you eat! What goes in will come out! When it comes to your hair you want to make sure that you eat a well balanced diet and stay freshly hydrated. Maintain a stress free life because stress will cause a lot of health issues as well as your hair to fall out. Medications will also affect you hair in a negative way. Try hair vitamins and healthy regimens to keep you hair up. If you take care of yourself your hair will take care of itself with the proper attention from you and your stylist.
Do’s and Don’ts for thinning hair
  • When styling your hair choose a style that will try to disguise your thinning hair. Avoid hair styles that will agitate the thinning area
  • Choose volumizing shampoos and conditioners to add a boost to thinning hair and choose product that contain panthenol
  • Do not choose wigs and weaves as a permanent solution for hair styling. If you decide to wear them on a temporary basis take care of the hair that is underneath.
  •  Do not put tension on the hair with ponytails and braids. This will cause stress and breakage to the hair.

>Must Have Styling Tools


When it comes to styling hair or styling your own hair you must make sure the you have the necessary tools ready and available and trust me you can’t go wrong with these tools.

Rat tail Comb
  • You can use a rat tail comb to tease the hair. Starting by creating a base and at the roots of the hair in  quick succinct movements draw the comb upward which will create volume and lift.
  • A rat tail comb is good creating sleek parts and sectioning the hair. If you use the tip of the comb you will never have to worry about crooked parts.
Hair Pins
  • Hair pins will allow you to create quick and easy sassy up-dos. Simply curl you hair and go from there by taking small sections and creating a new look that fits you.
  • When it comes to choosing a hair pin, choose the ones that are coated, this will prevent hair breakage, and it’s a lot more comforting to the scalp.
Pencil-width curling iron
  • Small curling irons are great for short hair.
  • If you want tight spiral curls choose a small curling iron, this will create a bouncy tight curl as well body.
Hair Pick
  • This is the tool of choice for those who rock the afro. Use the comb from the root to the tip to create volume all over. 
  • You can also use a pick to created full bodied curls.
>>>>>Hot Rollers <<<< 
Tool of the Week
  • Hot rollers will create soft bouncy curls that won’t go lymp. Be sure to top the hair off with a lightweight hairspray after removing the rollers
  • Wrap the rollers from the tip to the crown to create an even curl pattern all over. If you just want body on the ends curl on the bottom sections and then pin the roller into place.
Large Flat Iron
  • Great for long hair to smooth the maximum amount of hair.
  • You can use this flat iron to sculpt soft waves.
  • Spritz the hair with a heat protectant spray to help prevent heat damage.
Small Flat Iron
  • Choose this size if your hair is on the shorter side. The smaller the iron the closer to the roots you can get.
  • You can use this small flat Iron to create flips in the hair.
Wide-Tooth Comb
  • Great for detangleing the hair when the hair is wet. Since the teeth of the comb are wider they are less likely to snag the hair and break it. To detangle the hair simply section the hair starting at the back of the head and in small sections start that the ends working upward towards the roots.
  • This comb can actually break up individual curls and imbues uniform volume throughout.
Blow Dryer with a Diffuser
  • Don’t forge the heat protectant. This forms a barrier so you hair is protected from the heat
  • Using a diffuser on the hair will allow to have well-developed ringlets. Simply start at the roots and direct the air in a circular motion
  • For extreme volume try drying you hair upside down, the the roots fall away from the scalp.

>Fabulous Eyebrows: How to fill in your eyebrows


When it comes to doing my makeup I have to fill in my eyebrows. I have eyebrows but I like to darken them in a little to make sure that they are perfect, simply because they are usually faded out behind my foundation. When it comes to filling in your eyebrows and having those run way ready eyebrows it’s all about control and precision of your tool which is your eyebrow pencil. Filling in your eyebrows will not only make them stand out but will also correct any type of mistake you have if you messed up while arching your eyebrows.
You don’t have to stick to the pencil, you can also use a brow powder or even a shadow. When it comes to choosing the color, you want to go with a color that’s going to look natural and nothing too harsh like for instance that horrid black pencil…That is too much…. the last thing you want is to be remembered as the girl with the horrible dark drawn on eyebrows. Find a color that accentuates your skin complexion and your hair color.
I use a dark chocolate brown pencil that is not too light and not too dark. Here are some things that I do to make sure that my eyebrows are on point.
Things that you need:
Brow Pencil or Powder
Eyebrow brush
Q-tip (For small corrections, helping to make clean lines if you mess up or make it too thick)
White Eye Pencil (Optional)
Highlighting shadow
  1. I make sure that brow pencil is sharp. A dull pencil will not give you the definition that you need.
  2. I start underneath my eyebrow and draw the defining line, following my natural arch from the beginning to the end.
  3. I then draw the defining line at the top of my eyebrow, again following my natural arch. Making sure that I blend the end of the top into the bottom line making a perfect point. 
  4. Using short strokes I fill in the lines with the pencil trying to make it look as natural as possible.
  5. I take my eyebrow brush to smooth and blend.
  6. Using a white pencil  (this is optional, a highlighting shadow and/or concealer will work just as good if not better  once you put on your shadow) you can just draw a line underneath the lower defining line very close and using either your shadow brush or fingers blend in the line. PLEASE do not just have a white line underneath your eyebrow it’s not a good look. 
The video below is a good way that can explain pretty much what I do, to fill in my eyebrows; with the exception that she uses a powder to fill in her eyebrows. Which works either way whether you use a pencil or a powder.
    Some of My Favorite Celebrity Eyebrows

    >Fabulous Eyebrows: How to arch your eyebrows


    As I said before in my previous post the eyes are the windows to the soul, The lashes are important but the eyebrows are crucial! It’s nothing worse than having eyebrows that are not up to part or just plain messed up. Eyebrows are sometimes too thin, not thin enough, too thick and bushy, the arch is too high or it’s not in the correct place.  It’s crucial that when you arch your eyebrows whether if it’s with a razor, wax, threading or even with tweezers that you arch it the correct way. The beginning of the eyebrow (the part closest to the inside of the nose) should start directly at that line/crease, the arch should be on the outer side of the pupil and the tail of the eyebrow should be even with the outside of the eye. There’s nothing worse than having the wrong eyebrow shape. You should always follow the natural arch of your eyebrow. YES we all have one, You want your eyebrow to be as natural looking as possible. They have kits out on the market that are available for eyebrow arching just as a guide. Sally’s beauty supply even has a set of eyebrow stencils.
    The one thing that people automatically think is; ok so my face is symmetrical; I have two eyes, two eyebrows, and if I draw a line down the middle of my face my nose and mouth will be equal on both side. Well…that’s true but not true for eyebrows…you may have two but they are not identical at all. Actually if you arch them correctly and even if you don’t you can see the difference. One eyebrow may be naturally thicker than the other one or thinner than one. The tail of the eyebrow may even be thinner on one side than the other. I know that my eyebrows are not at all symmetrical. My left eyebrow gives me the most trouble when it comes to arching. I have to make sure that I don’t pull too much off because it will look awful.
    Here is how I go about doing my eyebrows (I usually go to the nail salon and get them to arch them but I maintain them at home in between, I use wax and tweezers)
    Things you will need:
    Wax (If you choose too and are comfortable with using it)
    Tweezers (Personal Preference)
    Razor (Personal Preference)
    Eyebrow brush
    Waxing Muslin strips
    Wooden spatula (for waxing)
    Cotton Balls 
    Manicure Scissors
    Eyebrow Brush
    Wax and Wooden Spatula
    Waxing strips

    Waxing Tubes
    Manicure scissors 

    1.  Make sure the eyes are clean from any makeup
    2. Before you remove any hair from your eyebrow; for arching virgins and the retouches you want to take the eyebrow brush and brush the hair upward. Using your manicure scissors (the same ones you use for eyelashes) and trim the hairs that are just too long. Your natural arch will show you what to snip and not to snip. Then brush the hairs downward and trims the hairs that hang too long. For clean ups it will be easier to distinguish which hairs need to be trimmed. Trimming the eyebrows will ensure that the hairs are all going in the same direction and are not going all over the place
    3. Soften the eyebrows with warm water for about 1 to 2 minutes. This will allow the eyebrows to soften and relax. You can also use emollient cream. 
    4. Remove any oils (Before waxing) with an astringent or antiseptic. If you are waxing this will allow the wax to cling to the hairs. 
    5. If you are tweezing the eyebrows hold your skin taunt and pull in the direction of the hair growth. Remember the arching rules that I stated above to form the perfect arch. If you are waxing the eyebrows you want to make sure the wax is hot but not too hot because trust me it will leave a nasty burn mark. Spread the wax with a wooden spatula over the area in the same direction as the hair is growing. Take your waxing strips and place it over the wax. Rub it a little to make sure the wax adheres to the fabric. Hold your skin taunt on the end closest to the ear and pull the strip off in one steady quick motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth (if the hair is growing to the right you will pull the strip towards the left. For clean ups you want to just remove the newly grown hairs and nothing too much. If you are using a razor, I suggest the razors from the hair store and not a straight  box razor, I think those are a little bit more sharper than those at the hair store. Take Vaseline and rub it on to the eyebrow (you will skip step 3)  you want to have the razor slanted it a low 45 degree angle and in small steady slow strokes just shave away the hair making sure that you don’t shave too much.
    6. Clean up the center of the eyebrows to make sure that you don’t have uni-brow and that the eyebrow starts in the correct place. Shaping up the top of the eyebrow is personal preference this depends on the eyebrow itself.
    7. For those who used wax or a razor you may have to go back in with the tweezers and do some fine tuning to make sure that the arch is clean and precise. 
    8. Use the astringent or antiseptic and wipe the eyebrows clean to make sure you don’t get any type of “hair bumps” of irritation. Use Vaseline to remove any excess wax if there is any left.
    Note: Waxing the eyebrows and/or threading the eyebrows will last longer. Tweezing will last long as well. Using a razor will require you to touch up the eyebrows often.

    For at home use you can use a wax system that comes with the heater or you can just the roll on wax tubes (which I think will be better for home waxing) which come in small medium and large sizes for better control.
    If you mess up it’s okay there is a way to fill in your eyebrows to make sure they still look great. In the next blog. How to fill in your eyebrows!
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