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>The Art and Beauty of Eyelashes

>I know it’s been a week and a few days since my last post. I’ve been really busy lately. I’m just trying hard to stay focused.  I would like to  spend the next few posts on the eyes, the windows to our souls. When it comes to wearing make-up the eyes are the most important. Your eyes make the statement. I wanted to discuss the art and beauty of eyelashes. Before this past year I never actually wore eyelashes simply because I thought that I didn’t need it and I didn’t want to look like a drag queen. That was just me and how I felt at the time until I noticed how eyelashes can make the eyes pop as well as take on a whole different look within itself. They come in all different lengths, fullness, and colors. There are eyelashes for everyday wear, evening wear, and even high fashion editorial wear.  There are two types of instant/temporary eyelash extension available at beauty supply stores, Sally’s, Wal-mart, Target, and even online. They are priced under five dollars in retail stores and Sally’s. The local Beauty Supply stores they’re priced at $1.99 and they work just as good. They are also easy to apply as well and easy to remove.  Here is a step by step process that I do when applying my lashes.

First off, I use band lashes simply because they can be used for a week if you take care of them, they are easier to apply and just as easy to remove, and they are quick. I apply all of my eye make up (primer, eyebrow fill in, color, liner, and mascara.) I do not place mascara onto my false lashes simply because I don’t want it to be gummy and messy but easy to re-use until the week is up.
Things you will need:
  • A clean pair of tweezers
  • A small pair of manicure scissors
  • Eyelash adhesive or Bonding Glue( depends on your preference)
  • Your Eyelash Extensions
  • Mascara (depending on your preference)
  • Eyelash Curler (depending on your preference)
-The tweezers are for better control as well as for those who are just beginning. I don’t use tweezers simply because they tend to get in the way.
-The manicure scissors are to trim the lash extensions according to the width of your lash line simply because some band eyelashes are longer than your actual lash line
-Eye lash adhesive vs. Bonding Glue: This is strictly a preference. I love to use waterproof eyelash adhesive simply because I remove my lashes every night before I shower and wash my face to properly clean my eyes from make up. A lot of people use the bonding glue (hair glue for hair extensions) simply because they like to leave their lashes on for an entire week. How does that work??? It solely depends on how you sleep at night. I like to get sweet sound sleep so I don’t bother with that. 🙂
-I would suggest that you use Mascara on the individuals opposed to banded lash extensions
How to apply Band Eyelashes:
  1. Using your tweezers carefully remove the lash extension from the tray that it is adhered to. Try not to rip or tear the lash extension Try to remove as much of the adhesive before you apply glue.
  2. Place the lash extension up against your lash line (the fuller-longer end are for the outside of the eye (corner closest to the ear) and the shorter end are for corner near the nose) measure the length and take the scissors and trim the shorter end of the eyelash.(Depending  on the length and how the band is made I trim about an eighth to a fourth off of the lash extension)
  3.  Now you will apply the glue. I like the glue that comes with the narrow tip opposed to the one that has the cap that unscrews. Be careful to apply the glue to the strip and not on to the lashes it will ruin your lashes because it will be a pain trying to remove it. If you wish you can simply place a small amount on to the eyelash extension tray or a small piece of paper towel and using the corner tip of your tweezers simply apply the glue in small strokes.
  4. Allow the glue to dry partially until it is tacky to the touch. You can blow on it or either just wave it around, but don’t sit it down. (This is optional and minimizes a mess and gluing your eyes shut, I apply my lashes semi-dry because I have control that way)
  5. Using either your tweezers (for beginners) or your fingers and place the lash on to your lash line as if it actually grew out of your eyelids. After you have placed the lash into the correct place, press firmly.  I’ve noticed when I placed the lash extension onto my eyelid it itches and aggravates me. It will be easier and comfortable to place it into the lash line.
  6. Mascara if you choose
  7. Curl you lashes with a eyelash curler if you choose. (Once the adhesive dries)
  8. Repeat steps for the next eye.
How to apply Tabbed/Individual lashes
You will need the same tools.

  1. Using your tweezers carefully remove the eyelash extension from the tray that it is adhered to.
  2. Place a small amount of glue on to a piece of paper towel or lash extension tray
  3. Starting with the longest length with your tweezers dab the eyelash extension end into the glue allow it to dry until it tacky to the touch.
  4. Using your tweezers place the lash extension into your lash line at the beginning (the corner near the ear) hold into place until the lash extension sticks.
  5. Alternate between long and medium lengths for a natural look until midway of the lash line. Then you will start using smaller lengths from midway out into the corner closest to the nose.
  6. Apply mascara to fill in and blend into your natural lashes
  7. Curl you lashes if you choose (Once the adhesive dries)
  8. Repeat steps for the next eye
Removing your lashes:
 -Depending on the adhesive that you used, you should be able to just simply pull the lash extension off. The water proof adhesive dries clear and just peels right off.  I usually pull it off and pull the adhesive away from the band and place it back onto the lash tray and back into the case. You can also use lash adhesive remover to remove the lashes as well.
For Beginners: I would suggest watching a Youtube Video to watch someone apply the lashes and starting out with lashes that look more natural opposed to the dramatic looking lashes. That way you will get be comfortable with wearing them first.


    >Sleeping Beauty


    We all love to get rest and sometimes when it comes to our hair we are so concerned about how we sleep. We often wonder what is my head going to look like in the morning when I get ready for work or for school. Well I have a few tips that you can use and keep in mind when it comes to prepping your hair for bed time and it should also help save some time with styling your hair in the morning. It will also help keep your hair shiny, healthy, and free from breakage and frizz.
    1. Vent Brushes/ Paddle Brushes- Detangles the hair and good for seperating the hair for pincurling, rollersetting, and wrapping the hair.
    2. Satin Scarf or Satin Bonnet- This helps lock in moisture and helps to guard against breakage. For those that are still using the bandanna cotton scarves, now is the time to discard that scarf and use it for something else other than wrapping around your head at night. It’s 100% cotton and as we all know cotton absorbs mositure. Satin is softer and a lot more pretty to look at 🙂
    3. Hair Clips- You can use these along with bobby pins to help secure pin curls or to lay down any stray edeges after you dry wrap you hair before wrapping it with a scarf.
    4. Boar Bristle Brush-Great for short hair to help smooth away frizzies and even for long hair for the edges.
    5. Sponge Rollers- I know for years we’ve used sponge rollers and I’m pretty sure that you noticed when you unrolled your hair a little breakage especially if you didn’t use a roller end paper. Well they have Satin Covered Rollers that are available and are even better for the hair. This will help aid against breakage as well as give pretty bouncy curls.
    6. Wide Tooth comb- This will help to distribute product from the root of your hair to the ends of your hair.