>Quick Weaves 101: The Duby and the Invisible part


I said that I would write a blog about this because it’s something new that I tried myself and I will try it again. I got this idea from the infamous Youtube. I love Youtube and all of the informative tutorials that are posted when it comes to new hair styles and ideas.  The hope is eventually I will get the chance to start my own personal channel so I can start doing tutorials. I wanted to talk about the Duby wrap and the Invisble Part Quick Weave. As some of you already may know a quick weave is basically wefted hair that is either glued on a wig cap which is placed on top of your hair on onto your hair. There are many different ways that this can be done and the industry has made it so that you can even use something other than the bonding glue which is supposed to be safer and easier to remove (Glue Free Quick Weave blog for another day).
There is a new type of hair product out which is called the “Duby” which is what most of us refer to as the “roller wrap.” This product is a weave that is pre-curled and wrapped around a foam cone to preservre the curl of the hair. The hair is already curled so there is no need to curl it once you put it in. Once you start to place the tracks in place the hair will fall into pre cut layers so there’s no need to cut the hair which is just great. You can also change the direction that the hair is placed to create a flipped look as well. I love it! ♥
 There are several hair lines out right now that have their own version of the duby.
Sensationnel’s Premium Now has “The Bump Collection”
-100% human hair
-Double Tracked
-Short to medium lengths
-Wide range of colors
-They have a feathered wrap style which is single tracked
– It comes with a free closure piece that resembles a natural scalp
-It’s wrapped around a foam cone that  preserves the curve of the hair
♥♥♥ Outre  Premium Duby♥♥♥ (used it for an asymetrical bob syle)
-They have the “Duby Kiss”- short hair styles
-Closures are available for each style
-100% human hair
-They also have a Demo DVD video available
-They also have the Velvet Remi Hair for this product available
♥♥♥ Milky way Ole’ ♥♥♥ (used it for my invisible part quick weave)
-Made of 100% Human hair
-Available in lengths from 7″ to 14″
-Available in different colors
***All three of these lines are basically offer the same thing with the exception of different styles and colors.***
The new thing that is out right now is the invisible part quick weave and it’s basically where your natural hair part is showing and none of your hair is out. There are a lot of youtube tutorials available for directions and ideas, and you can use any type of style of hair. Here are the steps that I took when I did my invisible part quick weave.  I used the Milky Way Ole’
1. I washed my hair,conditoned, and dried it
2. I parted my hair the way I wanted it.
3. I Gelled my hair down and placed it into a pony tail, dried it and took the ends of the pony tail and gelled it an upward direction, I let the ends dry.
4. I placed a stocking cap (wig cap) on my hair and started to glue the tracks on the wig cap
5.I continued to glue the hair in “U” shped directions  up to the part leaving about a 1 1/2″ of space between the part (natural part) and the hair that I glueing.
6. I continued to glue until I got to the top of my head (the crown). I left a opening of about a dime size opening for the closure.
7. I cut the cap where the part was visible, so my part was visible
8. I measured hair for the part which was no bigger than about 1/2″ wide.
9. Then I started to glue those pieces on top of the other pieces until I got to the dime sized opening that I left for the closure.
10. I then created my closure which was just a small piece of hair no wider than a 1 1/2″ to 2″ long and I placed glue on the track and rolled it tight together and dried it. I flattened it in the palm of my hand spreading the hair our into a circular fan motion and I used my flat iron and pressed it until is was flat. I placed a little glue on the back and set it to place. That’s it!
It was very cute and I got a lot of compliments and it looked like my natural hair. When I got ready to remove it, I used hair spray at first and then I had to use mositurizing shampoo for the rest because most of it did not readily give in certain places. My hair didn’t break off or come out like I was afraid that it would. One thing that was suggested to me by a friend was that the next time use spritz (Pump it Up) and spritz the first stocking cap dry it and place another cap on top of that and proceed to do the quick weave this is supposed to be easier when it comes to removal. I usually do my quick weaves on a mannequin and remove them. so my hair is free from glue. Check out my Favorite Youtube Tutorials and the links below! Leave a Comment and tell a Friend! ~♥ Miss Nic♥~
This is a great website for those who want to purchase hair that you may not be able to find at your local beauty supply store!

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