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>Long Layerd Hair for Fall 2009


It’s getting cold outside and I know everyone is getting ready for fall. We are preparing out closets and amping up our shoe game with the boots and heels and I know since we all want to keep in style we have to keep our hair game as well. This summer the short chic bob was in and it was ideal because it was stylish and  it kept you cool in all the summer heat. Now that it’s getting cold the look for the season is the long layered hair cut that has been worn forever by many different celebs.  I love the look and always have, you can wear it with full bangs, side bangs, or no bangs at all. You can do solid colored layers or switch it up by adding a little highlighted color. Whatever you want and what looks best on you is what matters the most. One thing to keep in mind during this cold weather is that the air is dry and I know some of us notice a lot more breakage during the cold months and that the hair seems to be a little drier than usual. Remember to condition and you may want to use a moisturizing shampoo to help retain moisture. Below is a slide show of some long layered hair cuts of my favorite Celebs!


>Styling Tips for Natural Hair and Healthy Locs


I wanted to discuss something else and take a break from Hair color for a while. There is still a lot to cover concerning hair color but I wanted to change it up. I know a lot of people are going natural and it seems to be what’s really hot right now. I love the natural looks from the braids, twist, afros, locs, and many other styles. I’m just not bold enough to do away with my relaxed style as of yet. I just wanted to share a few tips that I ran across for natural hair and healthy locs, while reading my Hype Hair Mags.

Here are few things that you want to keep in mind when it comes to natural hair:

1. When you use styling products, try using products with little to no alcohol it is very drying.

2. Use a satin scarf or bonnet instead of a scarf that is made out of cotton (the bandannas that we love to wear). The Satin scarf will help keep in moisture which will help condition the hair.

3. Never let your hair go unconditioned. Condition! CONDITION! CONDITION!!!!

4. Deep condition your hair at least once a week

5. When you use your Conditioner don’t over use it, this will cause buildup

6. When you buy hair products, buy products with panthenol as an active ingredient. It is essential in strengthening the hair as well as hair growth.

7. For hair that is brittle and dry shampoo hair once a week, this will help to restore your natural oils and lost moisture

8. Protect the hair from Sun. Use a leave in conditioner with a sunscreen

9. Lanolin Oil, Coconut oil, and other essential oils are excellent for an intense conditioning process.

10. Maintain a healthy diet! What goes in is what comes out!

11. Visit a stylist that specializes in natural hair care on a regular basis

I absolutely love the locs especially when they are well maintained and look clean. There is nothing worse than a head full of dread locs that are unkempt and look filthy. That’s just my personal opinion. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining healthy locs:

1. Deep condition on a regular basis to prevent dry brittle looking locs

2. Use hot oil treatments between shampoos to keep hair and scalp healthy

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily! Again what goes in comes out!

4. Also use a satin scarf or bonnet

5. Visit a stylist that specializes in natural hair care on a regular basis

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Some of my Favorite Celebs that rock the natural!
♥♥♥Ms. Erykah Badu ♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥ Jill Scott♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥♥♥ Lauryn Hill♥♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥♥ India Arie♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥♥♥ Teyanna Taylor♥♥♥♥♥

 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tracee Ellis Ross and Her Mother Dianna Ross♥♥♥♥♥♥
Style #1

Style # 2

Style #3

Style #4
♥♥♥♥♥♥ Beyonce♥♥♥♥♥♥

I love afro’s and I have rocked a couple a time or two. These are some quickweaves that I’ve done for me!

>Color Me Bad Part 6: Changing your hair color without actually altering your natural hair color.


There is a new trend that is out right now and celebs like Ms Keri Hilson, Rhianna, Ciara, and even Lil Mama have made it popular. This has been done for years by most stylist but this crew of stars have been spotted rocking the trend hard and that is adding colors (highlights) to your hair in different aspects. A easy way to do this without actually going in and highlighting your hair is to add small pieces of extentions (track hair or even fusioned pieces) into the areas that you want to accent the most. You can change it up to blond, browns, even blues, pinks, purples, reds, oranges, yellows etc. These colors are available in the hairstores as well. It’s all about how you wish to express yourself. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it gives you the option to change your color from blond this week to pink the next week. Make sure that you choose accenting colors to complement your hair like black hair looks good with pink, purples, blues, reds, blondes, etc. and Browns look  good with differnt shades of blondes, and lighter browns if you get my drift. I love these starlets. They have a very unique way of expressing themselves and they are setting the trends for young women today when it comes to hair along with others like my girl Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks, and a lot of other fierce fabulous Divas.

>Color Me Bad Part 5:How to Maintain a Hair Color


When looking to keep up your color for a long time there are two things to keep in mind. Permanent Colors will leave you with a very distinct line of demarcation. It is suggested that you color every four to six weeks to keep your roots from showing. Semi-Permanents are more subtle and transition smoother. It can last for six to eight weeks. It is better to do a semi-permanent hair color after a relaxer retouch because it doesn’t have ammonia and because the roots are fresh and relaxed it will cover the hair better.

To keep your color, bright, and vibrant minimize heat styling, which can make your hair appear dull, dry, and damaged. Try opting for Roller sets and Duby Wraps when it comes to styling the hair because it will help to minimize heat styling as well as add body and bounce to the hair. I always stress this….CONDITION your hair on a regular basis. Deep conditioning the hair is very important when it comes to coloring the hair. Choose Shampoos that are for color treated hair because these shampoos offer moisturizers and conditioners for color treated as well as chemical treated hair to keep the hair shining and vibrant.
Look for More to Come on Hair Color. Next I want to discuss how to add Color to your hair without actually coloring the hair.
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>Color Me Bad Part 4: How to cover Gray Hair


I think that when it comes to discussing hair color you should talk about coloring gray hair. I absolutely love gray hair especially when it’s shining and glowing. I think that when I do start to gray I may just rock it for what it’s worth. Even though it can be pretty, gray hair is by far the hardest thing to cover when it comes to coloring hair. There are several reasons for this and those reasons may be that you are always getting yellow hair instead of that shinny gray hair or it just won’t color because it’s so stubborn.
When Covering gray hair there is one issue that always seems to arise, and that is the gray hair may have a yellow cast. This is caused by smoking, medication, sun exposure, and hair sprays/styling aids. You can use lighteners and hair color removers to remove the yellow discoloration. A shampoo that I use on gray hair and even those with the Salt-N-Pepper hair to keep it from being yellow is to use Shimmering Lights for Gray Hair and it will keep the hair from being yellow.
Most gray hair will accept the level of color desired. Color levels 8 or lighter may not completely cover the gray hair.When covering gray hair with a permanent color use a 20 volume developer and process the hair for 45 minutes.  Sometimes when it comes to gray hair is can be very resistant  that even with the right color formulation, application, and correct processing time, you will find that coverage may not be as you expected. Presoftening the hair may be necessary when coloring gray hair. This process raises the cuticle of the hair and this will allow for better penetration (this is a double application processing hair coloring service). The presoftener is applied and processed and then removed. After this is done the haircolor is applied.
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>Color Me Bad Part 3: How to correct a Color


I know as I promised I would talk about how to correct a hair color mishap because mishaps do happen! It’s always a good thing to keep in mind to remain calm and not to panic. Hair color mishaps happen often and the good news is that they can be corrected. Certain issues that may occur in a hair color mishap is that the hair color my turn the hair green and give it a green cast, the hair color may turn out to be to light, or it may even turn out to be too Dark. Here a few things that you can do to correct those color mishaps.
Hair with a Green Cast
If the hair has a green cast this usually happens from a build up of minerals from well water or the hair being exposed to a lot of chlorine. You should purify the hair with a product that is designed to remove mineral build up. Apply a no-lift deposit only (Semi permanent or demi permanent) color to neutralize any unwanted color that may remain on the hair.
Hair that is too Light
If your hair color comes out to be too light you may want to apply a no-lift deposit only color that is one to two levels darker than the previous color that was applied. This should help with this issue
Hair that is too Dark
If your hair color comes out to be to dark, you need to determine how much color you want to remove. You can use a hair color remover in cases where the hair may be too dark because of color build up. Apply the color remover to the areas that need to be lightened. Process the hair for 40 minutes. Hair color remover is designed to remove artificial pigment from the hair.
I hope this helps those who have this issue and wish to solve it! Leave a comment and tell a Friend! ~♥Miss Nic♥~

>Color Me Bad Pt 2


Okay, so we’ve already discussed how your hair can play a vital role in the coloring process, the different types of color, and how to choose the color that is good for you. I promised that we would talk about how to achieve the color that you want, in doing so should you or should you not bleach your hair, and what to do if you want to double process your hair meaning I want to change the over all color and then add some high lights along with low lights in one day.

In order to achieve the hair color that you want you must first decide how drastic of change you are looking to achieve. Do you want something subtle and not noticeable, something that will get one look or something that will get several looks along with ooo’s and aww’s. We all love hair color and when we do decide to change our hair color we take the less damaging route. With this in mind a lot of people choose to use semi-permanent hair color and or demi-permanent hair color (No-lift colors deposit only). We all love to make changes and take risks and we think that we can achieve the bright funky reds and browns from these two types of hair colors. Well as you may or may not already know (If you tried it already) unless your hair is already naturally light or pre-lightened it won’t really do anything but make your hair look darker or add a “glow” in the sunlight, which is not really what we are looking for. The only way to really make your colors (semi/demi) “POP” is to lighten the hair with that terrible lightening/bleaching process. Permanent hair colors will “Pop” depending on the volume of developer that is used. The different levels of developer ranges from 10 volume to 50 volume developer. If you want a lot of lift for a drastic look you will need a 30 + volume developer. Note: Developers are used with permanent colors and bleaching only. Developers range from 10 volume to 50 volume and anything past 30 works faster and it will damage your hair far more than the other volumes. Seek professional advice and assistance! When it comes to permanent colors and trying to achieve your desired hair color it’s pretty much the same, with the exception that you will see a difference. If your hair is naturally dark, the developer that is used depending on the volume will not take your natural hair color which may be a level 2 all the way to a level 7 or 8 it will color it but it won’t make it “POP”. This is where lightener’s come into the picture.

Have you ever considered lightening your hair or bleaching your hair? Well let me just say that is a very big step to take when it comes to coloring the hair. There are two types of lightener’s on-the-scalp and off-the-scalp, which comes in three forms oil, cream, and powder. Lightening the hair is usually done to remove the natural melanin from your hair with the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide. When this happens it also strips the hair of its natural luster and sometimes its elasticity. Some lighteners and bleaches are followed by a toner, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color for coloring purposes. NOTE: DO NOT use a permanent hair color on top of a lightener because it also used hydrogen peroxide and will lift the hair even more and continue to dry the hair out. Lighteners/Bleaches are also used to highlight the hair. Highlighting the hair invovles coloring some of the hair strands lighter than the natural color to add illusion and depth to the hair. Lowlighting (Reverse highlightening) is a technique tht is used to color the hair stands darker than the natural hair color. You can highlight the hair with a tinting cap (just pull the hair through the little holes), and other hair techniques such as foils, slicing, weaving, and the baliage technique (free form) that are done by professionals. There are highlighting kits available in the store in a little box (like some chemical hair relaxers) that come with the bleaching formula and the toner all in one. So as it highlights it colors at the same time. There is a product called Kaleidocolors that does the same thing, it bleaches and tints at the same time. I wouldn’t suggest that product for home usage. Despite the fact when you lighten the hair and/or highlight the hair it makes the hair more interesting, it is very drying and can lead to damaged hair and breakage, especially if you are not conditioning the hair like you are supposed to. Unless you have some experience with hair lightening or bleaching do not try at home. You should see your personal regular stylist for those services including any type of coloring.

Double processing the hair is basically decolorizing the hair first with a lightener and then using a separate product to deposit color. Double processing is any processing procedure that uses two different chemicals that require two different processing times within one time frame (same day). Remember when I discussed how to make your semi and demi- permanent colors to “POP” that is double processing. Double processing with permanent hair color and lighteners is NOT RECOMMENDED and you should not let a stylist do the same. Those of us who rock the relaxer, double processing is definitely not recommended, simply because the relaxer will dry your hair out if not applied and maintained properly and adding bleach or permanent color that contains hydrogen peroxide is going to make it even more dry. The double processing that I am referring to in this instance is coloring your hair with a permanent hair color and then going back and putting highlights throughout the hair. I know a lot of Caucasians who can do this and has done this and it seems to not affect the hair at all but I have seen a few who have done this and their hair looks very dry and brittle so yes it can damage any texture of hair. I do not recommend coloring the hair with a permanent hair color and highlighting in the same day. I would suggest waiting at least two to three weeks to do so, even then it is a risk. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR RELAXERS!!!

Temporary to Permanent hair color (gentle to harsh) will cause damaging effects to the hair and will dry the hair out. It is important that you condition, Condition, CONDITION your hair! We want to keep the hair pretty and healthy. There’s more to come in the next blog we will discuss “How to Correct a Color” Stay tuned and tell a friend! ~♥Miss Nic♥~